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Thread: Reasons why Gatsby is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    Well shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihil View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    Selfish. Fuck suicide.
    Agreed. Other types of murder are so much more personally rewarding.

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    I think this was staged by Andy. He is getting more daring in his mission to wipe us out.

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    Wouldn't that be a great way to go? This friendly man in a pink bathrobe shows up, and -- pop pop

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    Today I learned that my boner goes "pop pop".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Andy Dixon View Post
    Today I learned that my boner goes "pop pop".
    I should have seen that coming but really I didn't.

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    Andy's boner is Magnitude?

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    I would vote for Andy's boner regardless. But yeah, that would be an improvement

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    i just thought he meant that his wife sat on his boner at the wrong angle and he heard that dreadful sound.

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    Never had that happen. That's even worse than when they lean back on your balls. :O

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    Totally fine with skeezers
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    Fuck. He was here for 9 years?

    Fucking nerd.

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    I think he may have been referring to username based forums in general.
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    Sooooooo kitten and rainbow thread anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    Sooooooo kitten and rainbow thread anybody?
    Does it really seem appropriate to remember Gatsby with kittens and rainbows? I like your idea but nah, I've been going dark with my posts in this thread for a reason.

    Of course that doesn't stop anyone else...

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    I put that kids ear in my mouth the first time I met him. I don't do that to girls I fuck on a regular basis... Love you megamind!

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    First time I met Gatsby in person I rubbed his head for good luck and drunkenly called him Gatspergers. I fucking love the shit out of Gatsby.

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