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Thread: PS3 FNF: December 14th

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    Quote Originally Posted by KymikoLoco View Post
    You got a problem with squares? You some kinda squareist?

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    What of it?

    Wanna fight about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KymikoLoco View Post
    I downloaded the DUST 514 beta a couple months ago, so after that finished downloading and installing, only like 3 gigs, I load it up, says it needs an update. Cool. I can deal with an update. I just wanted to see what they changed from playing it BEFORE ALL YOU SQUARES MUAHAHAH (CCP had an internal tournament. Needless to say my team won)

    Update is 4 gigs.

    Fucking PS Store. Can't have the games including their updates on the fucking store. I swear I just downloaded a new client, instead of just a patch. There is no way that it was just an update. Or CCP doesn't understand how the PS Store works.

    Either way, I played Skyrim instead.
    Why didn't you invite me to play with you in the tournament? I like Dust!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornflakeJustice View Post
    Why didn't you invite me to play with you in the tournament? I like Dust!
    This was like 1.5 years ago, before it was even in Beta. I couldn't have played with you

    It was... weird.

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    Oh, well I suppose that makes sense then. It's an interesting game. I'm not sure if they've sorted out a party system, or voice yet... But it could be fun to play as a group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trev View Post
    Dark Souls is a tough one. You almost need to get a group to start new characters at the same time. That's what Cornflake, Clockwork, and I did. I can tell you already that I don't have anything in range for those. We usually put it down as a sort of rally point for other people that want to play, even if they can't join us.
    I guess that makes sense. Still, I've managed to get summoned by random strangers so there definitely are players in that SL-range. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a first time FNF Dtoider.

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    I came here for the Killzone. I am not disappointed.

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