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Thread: Darker Souls!!!

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    I'm not gonna lie I haven't gotten this game yet because of how hard the game is. I mean I'm all up for masochist difficulty since I play shin megami tensei games and Etrian oddessey games,but for some reason this game got me shitting bricks lol. Well gotta get over it and take one for the team.

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    Dunno if anyone else has gotten the newest DS2 DLC, but it's pretty great so far. I really love the environment, and the new enemies are pretty neat. Definitely seeing some things that need fixing though. There's an icy knight enemy with a sword and shield who does a really cool stab attack on you. Does a lot of damage, but it's cool-looking. Problem is, despite it being a physical attack, my Greatshield with 100% physical blocking doesn't seem to block it. The most frustrating thing about it being that I'll hear his weapon clang against my shield, only to have it then reappear inside my character's chest a moment later as if I never blocked. Maybe the move was designed to be unblockable, but it's pretty disappointing to SEE and HEAR the move get blocked, when it really wasn't.

    The first(?) boss needs some nerfing as well. The moment he appears he hits you with an incredibly strong magic attack that depletes almost all of your health, then immediately finishes you off with an unblockable execution attack and bam you're dead. The only way I've found to avoid this is by having other players with you, he seems a lot less likely to do the execution that way. That, or hiding behind some statues in the area, but that only blocks the first few hits of the magic attack, and does nothing to defend you from the execution since he can seemingly do it from even the other end of the arena and the statue is destroyed by the time he starts doing it.

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