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Thread: Darker Souls!!!

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    I kinda hope it's a sequel in name only. I don't want too much of the lore to be revealed. Like, ever.

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    Well the Dragon in the teaser seems to have an eye of calamity like Kalaameet, who was one the last true dragons.

    Could take place right after the great war thousands of years before DaS1 by the looks of the destitute locations

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    Feasible, but I think it's too early to judge. Humans don't seem like they were much back then, and I don't think FromSoft would allow us to play as anything else. Maybe I'll watch the trailer again later and pay more attention, because I'm too tired now.

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    So here I am visiting D-toid thinking I'll ask how the new Skyrim DLC is, when I see a new topic: DARK SOULS 2. I had no idea that when I clicked "Official Game Threads" my life would change forever.

    *basks in the glow of the DS2 trailer*

    I'm vomitting so many rainbows right now...

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    Yo, rainbows ain't Dark Souls. Dark Souls is dark. And has soul.

    But I guess rainbows can be funky. Does funk count as soul?

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    GF got me DS: Prepare to Die edition for my birthday. Ordered a wireless xbox 360 controller reciver the other day. Playing that game with a mouse and keyboard was probably one of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had.

    If it's as enjoyable as Demon's Souls, this might be on my wish list

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    Playing a Souls game on a keyboard and mouse is something I don't wish on anyone.

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    New director says sequel is going to be more accessible, direct, and linear.

    Que fanboy rage.

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    If that's true, I fear disappointment. But they're Japanese, something was probably lost in translation. ​It has to be that.

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    I don't mind linear. Most of the stages in Demon's Souls involved going from point A to B. I just want more creative/challenging bosses and world tendency back, or something of a similar effect. I like the idea that a game will punish you for sucking at it by making the game harder and taking half of your health. I like games with a contrarian sense of humor.

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    I think the bosses should be less like what they were in Dark Souls and more like an improved version of the bosses in Demon's Souls. In DaS, you just had to hit them and know their patterns a little. I want each boss to have a different mechanic.

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    I think the best bosses force you to change how you play the game. A good Souls boss should shove you out of your comfort zone so that you have to learn unexplored aspects of the game's mechanics in order to overcome the challenge.

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    Fuck World Tendency.

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    Is Dark Souls 2 the "official" title?

    I hate it when a series names its properties like this. I get that now "Dark Souls" has more of a name than the first game did, but I think they should have stuck with the "X Souls" naming convention.

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    They couldn't do that with Demon's, Sony has the rights to that name too.

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    World tendency was shit. I never played enough of Demon's Souls to actually get to the religious farming deal but I remember seeing my brother repeatedly jump off a damn staircase to kill himself.

    Fun gameplay right there guys.

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    Man, Black Phantom NPCs took yall's lunch money, didn't they? Then they called you a nerd and stuffed you in a locker. That's no reason to take it out on World Tendency though.

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    And Dark Souls compensates by putting sub bosses all over the place, but man, fuck world tendency.

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    She's got this whole thread quivering still! "Take my milk! I don't even like chocolate! I'm lactose intolerant!"

    Also, a valley full of aborted children is possibly the greatest setting I've ever heard of.

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