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Thread: Has anyone ever gotten motion sickness while playing Minecraft?

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    Has anyone ever gotten motion sickness while playing Minecraft?

    Minecraft is the only game that is setting off my motion sickness, it must be the graphics or something. Only 5 minutes into playing it I get nausea, cold sweats and I get really dizzy to the point of almost passing out. I like the game it's a shame that I can't play it without getting ill.

    I'm curious has anyone else gotten motion sickness while playing Minecraft?

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    Increase the FOV and enable a crosshair if that exists in that game.

    Small FOV on a filled screen with no static UI elements are known to induce motion sickness.

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    Yep FOV is the most common cause.

    Try the Vita version, I bet you can't get motion sick with that. Also, it includes all the recipes.

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    Personally no. I've heard others complain about this but I've personally been fine. I guess it's different for every person.

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    yeah I'm not someone who gets motion sickness from the first person perspective, some people do. you may be one of those people.

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    Yeah, at the first time playing it...I got motion sickness, just like what you mentioned. I think maybe because of the unique graphics (blurry and boxy) can make you feel dizzy after couples of minutes playing.

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