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Thread: Guardians of Middle Earth

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    I can't remember, but wasn't it in some terrible cartoon adaptation? I could swear I remember a fight scene with it being played over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I can't remember, but wasn't it in some terrible cartoon adaptation? I could swear I remember a fight scene with it being played over.
    It's not in the 1977 cartoon version of the Hobbit, but it really should have been.

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    Of the first half of LOTR then.

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    Totally should have had some of the Zep in LOTR.

    Runsig is pretty buff heavy. Has a shield that also applies to guardians, an AoE heal over time deal that affects guardians and soldiers (as well as gives em a slight speed boost), and his ultimate is a buff as well that enhances speed and attack speed and all that jazz of guardians and soldiers. His other move is a catapult, that in the right circumstances you can get out 2 at the same time which is pretty awesome.

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    I have been playing this game way, way too much, and I've got some quick note for anyone that is interested or not interested. I also have an ice cream cone.

    1. Gothmog is INSANE.

    Gothmog's passive ability increases the damage of all nearby allies and soldiers against Structures by a fairly large amount. This stacks with the Siege Relic. It is absurd, and if you see Gothmog anywhere near a Tower, just fucking kill him. I have won multiple matches in less 7 minutes because of how stupidly well Gothmog sacks Towers while wearing Siege and Stonecutter's Relics. It's almost unfair.

    Combine this with his ability to summon up a catapult that will change the Tower's target if placed behind it, and a banner that will taunt all surrounding soldiers and the turret itself, and he pretty much keeps every wave of creeps with him for increasingly more bonus damage to Towers. He can kill a Tower with one wave of creeps in less than ten seconds flat. It's like I said earlier. It's almost unfair.

    2. Hildifons and a healer ruin one lane games.

    If you are playing one lane and the other team has Hildifons and either Wolfrun or Galadriel, look at your team composition. If they aren't running the same, you're going to lose that match. Hildifons can hold a lane for a million years, and the other two can heal for days. This is a bad thing.

    I'd suggest stacking ability cooldown relics and using the refresh command if you plan on playing any of the previously mentioned characters. Once all of your abilities are on cooldown, you're kind of in trouble... well, not really, but that's only because Hildifons will still have the whole damn lane on fire, like some kind of pyromaniac asshole.

    3. Thrain is more dangerous than Agandaur.

    I know what you're thinking here. Agandaur can one shot most guardians.

    Newsflash: Thrain can stun lock and kill them in the same amount of time, has more health, has better basic damage, and his abilities come around quicker. You won't waiting on his ultimate in order to cheap shot anyone. Although, you really need to stack AP with him to get the most of his abilities. Other builds will work, but honestly aren't nearly as effective.

    4. There is nothing wrong with jungling.

    Few players kill creatures around the middle lane or switch lanes in between waves of creeps to farm up more XP. It's pretty easy to take advantage of this with characters that gain a movement speed bonus like Gollum, Ruinsig, Mozgog, or Beregond. It also allows you to hit weak lanes while occasionally snagging team buffs for killing forest critters. You don't have to sit in your lane all match. That's silly.

    5. The net code for this game is very, very bad.

    It's a shame too because if it had good net code it would have gotten better reviews. It's a damn good game aside from the fact that technical issues make it unfeasible to play on a competitive level. I actually guessed this could be a foreseeable issue after playing Monolith's last game (Gotham City Impostors), which also had miserable connection issues and piss poor queues, and it was a fucking shame too because that was also a fantastic game.

    If I were Monolith, I would seriously consider either getting dedicate servers or firing whomever the jackasses are that write their games' net code. This is no fucking joke.

    6. Use Custom Match instead of Matchmaking.

    If you want to play with friends and you don't mind playing against a bunch of bots, custom match works much better than the game's matchmaking system. I have been playing with friends for the past week using the custom game option and have had zero trouble with disconnects and have all together avoided queuing. I would high recommend using it instead matchmaking if you want to play with friends or do something like FNF. It just works better.

    7. Felgrom is the Dan Hibiki of GoME.

    Dying to Felgrom is almost as good as killing someone with him. When playing him expect to have as much fun as you could ever have while making your team lose and generally looking like a dumbass. That's not to say I don't recommend trying him out, just don't expect to go positive or provide anything of use to your team. He's just for the lulz.

    Ok, that's a suitably long block of text, and I highly doubt anyone is going to read it, so I guess I'll stop typing here even though I have a lot more that I could say about this game. I fucking love it, but at this point I am just gushing.
    Last edited by falsenipple; 12-23-2012 at 09:45 AM. Reason: i tried to make it more readable. i bet it isn't. i am a badger.

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    Dude, I've never even heard of this game and I still enjoyed reading that. Awesome.

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    I read it.

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    Ok. I understand that no one is really playing this game, or at least not talking about it. I also understand that all of the people that I have been randomly paired with should be neutered and thrown into blast furnace in any order that can be managed because fuck them in their noses those poop shits, but I like playing it anyway and it's probably a sign that that I either mentally unstable or too stubborn to give up the damn game. That said, I really wish I was playing with people that I knew or seemed like they would comprehend the words coming out of my mouth in between the endless streams of profanity. I guess that might be too much to ask.

    Call me a cynic, but I think most people either think enough about what they are doing or can't be bothered to think of the consequences of their actions, whether that be in gaming or in something real and less trivial. I'm honestly frustrated with the average gamer's intelligence. I don't know whether it's that I play a lot of odd hours or that there are just so many people out there that come off as idiots. Part of me wants to hedge my bets on ignorance more so than anything else, but I don't have the patience or common courtesy to talk to people who need help. There's also the sour taste of arrogance on my tongue when I think about the shit that I would say to people. I mean it's not going to be pretty even if I think I am helping them, so most of the time I just mute my headset and swear like the raging, impotent manchild that I am until the fucking neighbors pound on the ceiling with their goddamn broom for the umpteenth fucking time.

    Long story made short, I have had way too much coffee and I think I'd maul a small dog if it so much as barked at me. Yeah, that's awkward and sad, right?

    This fucking game and the people playing it are driving me nuts. There have been multiple occasions lately where the AI partners in game have been more useful than actual human beings. I don't know what to think about that, and I can't honestly address it to another human being without putting them out on the floor, which isn't nice and likely not helpful in the least. How the fuck does tact work in a MOBA? I know from the seeping ass-piss that I hear about from the League of Legends community that it isn't uncommon to feel this way about your fellow players, but, man, does it ever make me un-fucking-happy.

    Do I talk to these people and try to help them, or is it honestly better to just ignore stupid people and wallow in my own hubris? I think I know the answer to that one. It's just that I have spent so long playing games on XBL with other players comfortably silent, unnecessary, and easily avoided that I don't know if I want to make the effort in a game genre that attracts players with MLG, 666, 420, iTz, and like in their gamertags in a higher percentage than is comfortable. I need to figure out a way to look people in the eye without sneering when they've knowingly written in permanent marker the word "MORON" on the pointy, mongoloid foreheads.

    What am I even doing playing this game? Do I belong here? Gah.

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    It's the same general rule for all games more complicated than point and shoot. Team-based games with some element of strategy tend to fall flat on a lot of people. Dark Souls swung back in a few weeks ago so I haven't played this in a while so I don't know how bad it is/has gotten but just try and take it as it is. I learned a long time ago to not expect a lot of intelligence from a large portion of people, either just due to ignorance or ineptitude.

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    The only competent team play is when playing with an organized group of friends or community members. That's a big reason why I'll never pay a subscription for online play.

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    I found a new thing to do in this game that makes me laugh my ass off. Apparently Bilbo Baggins's taunt does not have a cooldown and simply can't affect the same target more than once in a ten second period. I was trying to find a way to exploit that loophole for fun and profit. I found it. In single lane matches, you have all five enemy guardians in the same lane as you all the damn time. Your taunt is up 100% that time and has a long enough range to keep you outside of the reach of everyone except for Legolas and Haldir for the duration of your taunt time.

    What I have been doing is mercilessly spamming my taunt to drag unwilling players into team fights, and all while I am hiding as far behind them as possible. When I have had a team with any ranged characters this method has been tearing people apart, but barring that I've had a lot of success of clearing out soldiers at the tower and taunting guardians into its range. It super effective and super annoying. By the end of most matches all of the other team's players are singling me out because of how obnoxious it is being constantly taunted into towers and crowds.

    If any of you have Bilbo, you should really try it out. It's goddamn hilarious.

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    I want to jump on the "season pass" because I love the game I just have so many others vying for my limited attention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konnery View Post
    I want to jump on the "season pass" because I love the game I just have so many others vying for my limited attention
    Wait until they smooth out the netcode some more and give you a better look at all of the characters. As it is, you are only saving 80 Microsoft Points or a dollar on PS3 by buying the pass. Survival mode or whatever the hell it is going to be called is going to be free to all players, and I don't think that they are going to charge for any additional maps. They only reason I bought the pass is because I have no self-control whatsoever and do things that I can regret later so I can feel justified when I endless bitch about something as trivial as gaming.

    Oh, and, yeah, Bilbo is fuck hilarious.

    Also I have been disconnected from 70% of my matches in the last 24 hours, and I don't know if it is on my end or if there a lot of people out there with horrible internet connections that are making this game's netcode unbelievably useless. There could also be people lag switching. I wouldn't put it past the retards that I have been playing with lately. Either they are rage quitting, lagging the whole match out, or just plain stupid... I really, really want to blame them, but there's a fair chance that its all just me. I'm not going to accept that though. My doo doo smells of roses and freshly laundered linens.

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    High thread-count linens

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    Apparently this will be free on PS Plus tomorrow! Now I have no reason not to grab it.

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    Oh snap, I'll download the hell out of this with PS+!

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