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Thread: To Vita or not to Vita

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    To Vita or not to Vita

    So firstly I am not starting this as an argumentative topic I just really want to find out about the Vita. See I have got PS+ and am looking into whether or not a vita is worth it, gravity rush, uncharted and wipeout (soon) are free on it and although I have the ps2 version of persona 4 I haven't got through much of it and am thinking I would get through it quicker on vita.

    So guys do you think the vita good? what good games are on it? Is there many promasing games scheduled for the future on it? oh and whats the battery life like on it?

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    I have a Vita, and I love it. I never had a PSP, so getting to replay all those games I missed, plus all the new Vita releases makes it all that much sweeter.

    And yes, having a PS+ account is a must if you get a Vita.

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    Not yet, at least. There are some good games, but the price point is too high on it right now. The system itself is a sight to behold, but beyond that, it has little going for it.

    **Disclaimer: An opinion happened up there.

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    Wait until post-E3. If they haven't lowered the price in one way or another, burn Sony's HQ down. If they have, buy one.

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    Price shmice. Just get the WiFi only version. I bought the 3G model, and haven't used the 3G once. Only the WiFi. So I kind of regret getting that SKU, but you're getting a solid piece of hardware either way. Plus, that OLED screen is ridiculous.

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    Persona 4 is better than I can currently succinctly explain without devolving into hyperbole and the Vita version of the game is far and away the better version. That alone can bring you 50-80 hours of content.

    Gravity Rush was my GotY for 2012. It's really good.

    I haven't even had time to play half the games I've gotten through PS+ yet (namely Uncharted and Jet Set).

    The 2013 release schedule for the Vita is pretty up in the air, with only a few probably-going-to-be-awesome games like Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice currently slated, but there should be more announcements as the year goes on and events happen. Plus, there's a year to catch up on. Additionally, PS1 and PSP games you might've missed.

    Battery life is good. Better than my phone and 3DS.

    Screen is the best.

    I'd recommend it.

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    hmmmm I'm starting to think I may see about picking one up 2nd hand and possibly sell my xbox 360 (have a ps3) as I haven't played it in months

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    He already has a ps3 silly, he wants a Vita. You can't buy PC for the price of a Vita, silly Hatman...

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    You can if you use the money to steal one from someone else.

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    Sounds like a plan, mail me the cash and I'd break into Hatmans house for you and steal his computer.

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    Soul Sacrifice has a spring date and Muramasa is officially coming. Woot!

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    Flamoctapus's Avatar
    1,953 posts since Sep 2011

    If you go second hand, then yeah, I'd say go for it.

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    DpadJoe's Avatar
    131 posts since Jun 2012

    well I have taken the plunge I managed to sell my Xbox 360 slim and get a PS Vita 2nd Hand (Brilliant Condition as new basically) it worked out that it was basically a straight swap, now I just have to get the memory card and considering PS plus I have to get the 32gb one which is mega expensive but really looking forward to it. Oh and the screen wow just wow

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    You may want to pop into Grainger Games (since you live in the UK), I got a pre-owned 32gb card for 30. You made the right choice, with psn+ it's more than worth having a Vita, plus there are a ton of enjoyable games imo. I have been playing Silent Hill Book of Memories, it's entirely different from any other silent hill game and has more of a simplified torchlight feel.

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    The lowest I've seen 32gbs drop is $70 on Amazon (and I'm regretting not snagging one), so that's quite a deal. I'm still rocking the free 4gb that came with mine and haven't even had to delete anything, but all my downloadable titles are on the smaller side.

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    I'm not going to buy a memory card for my vita until I can find 32GBs for $35, or some new 64GB card for $65. If that means I'm stuck with my bundled 8GB card, so be it.

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