This is something that just came to me, and I think it could be fun to explore the depths that forum community members would go sink to accomplish something, anything whilst drunk out of your gourd.

You want a pizza at 10:59 at night, but all the chains close at 11:00? FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK! How far would you go to fill your insatiable need for pizza??

You just sat down at the porcelain thrown to drop some kids off at the pool, and realize that all the toilet paper is gone!? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN ON MY WATCH, SAILOR!

So, let me hear your drunken achievements, and exactly just how far you would go, to make that dream a reality. Or, how you drove to Walmart at 3 AM because you realized that the toilet paper was all gone, and you're too good to use newspaper, or the nearest magazine, you pussy!

Annnnnnnnnndddddd, GO!