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Thread: Communitoid Episode 004 - CHRISTMAAASSS!

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    Communitoid Episode 004 - CHRISTMAAASSS!

    Hey, it's Communitoid Episode 004 - CHRISTMAAASSS! Gather around and listen as Conor describes his prerequisites for fursuit sex, Joanna explains her family tradition of making zombie apocalypse survival plans, Aaron sings one word from his favorite Christmas song, and Ali D reveals that he makes quite a bit of toast. Also, this show got edited late so if you hear the Price is Right fail horns that means YOU GET NOTHING.

    Opening and Closing themes by Adam AcH (

    Show logo by the spectacular ZombiePlatypus

    Break song: Christmas NiGHTS - Ode to Christmas Joy (

    Thanks for listening! Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter. Community member show openings can be sent to

    Talk about us on the Forums: (

    Follow us on the Cblogs: (

    Subscribe via RSS (, iTunes (, or download via the direct link (

    Full show notes available at


    Artists Wanted:

    'Crossover' recap and your next topic! ( TOO LATE!


    Wii: A Farewell and Top 10 by jackal27 (

    "Girlfriend Mode": A Discussion of the Design and the Intent by Caliban (

    Three years later: An obituary for Left 4 Dead 2 by Astonishingly BAdass (

    Dr Destructoid (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love again) by Edd Strid (

    Competition, video games, and real life... by Elsa (


    Thank you Dtoid by Noxius (

    The Bargain Bin! by Zodiac Eclipse (

    2012 Completed Games Thread by digtasik (

    Destructoid Forums Badge List (


    Free codes for Fairway Solitaire + win an iPad ( TOO LATE!

    Community Podcasts:

    Binary chode (Don't call it a comeback) by Changston (


    Changston's favorite holiday song: The LeeVees - How Do You Spell Channukkahh? (

    Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (

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    God I'm so hooked on Ali's accent now. NEED MOAR.

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    Dreamy!? More like I just creamed my pants (again) just thinking about it!

    I have issues.

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    He's so creamy. I loved hearing him after all these years. I also had no problem with the accent. Not as hot as beccy's though. I'm all about some Super Nanny.

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    I may or may not have touched myself whenever Ali talked.

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    Can you feeeeeeel the looooooooove toniiiiiiiight..... CHRISTMAAAAASS :P

    I can't help but nod my head like a numpty when the end music plays.

    Beccy.... come back soon, all is forgiven!!!!

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    Recording our next ep tonight, with StriderHoang as our guest co-host! Tweet questions to @Communitoid.

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    In the process of editing it, will probably be up tomorrow at some point. Kiddo's sick so I have to crash early tonight and pick him up from his mom's place in the am.

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