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Thread: Binary Chode (Don't call it a comeback)

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    Cocktor Doctopus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    Pff, you're either born with science or you're not kiddo.
    I got science Yo, biology and physics were 2 of my best subjects in school, I'd have a biology A level if the school were not Nazis about me doing German, Biology and Art&Design. Is that really such a weird request?!

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    How did they take issue to that?

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    I have no idea, I went to college instead because fuck the system.

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    I can never be a guest on this show, unless, you know, you want it to be over.

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    First episode is in the can. We have set our lowest point.

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    If it can't be salvaged, I'll just turn it into an hour of Rihanna dance songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    I can never be a guest on this show, unless, you know, you want it to be over.
    I thought that curse was lifted when you finally apologized to the old gypsy woman?

    Looking forward to listening to this!

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    All children are born scientists.

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    I'm not sure I'd call myself a scientist. I majored in Respiratory Therapy, then Chemistry, then Music, before settling on Computer Science. I ended up dropping out as my career quickly outpaced my education. So now I'm like Gonzo. WHAT AM I?

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    You were a music kid? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

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    Yes. i still have a couple of basses. My son is all about drums and guitar, so who knows. But fucking music history was so boring.

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    The only reason I have a minor in music is because I took a bunch of music history/theory courses. I can't play anything well, and I can only play the drums half-well.

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    I play drums too, I can also play the Alto Saxophone fairly well but it's been a few years so I'm sucky at reading music.

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    We have a few kinks to iron out on our end, but it'll get done soon.

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    Binary Chode - Episode 001: Hey dickbrain! It gets better

    For a first episode, we think it's pretty groovy. But we'd love to hear your feedback. Let us know what works and what doesn't. You can post your feedback in the forums or on the c-blogs. You can also shoot us an e-mail at binarychode [at] gmail [dot] com, or tweet us at @BinaryChode. And while you're at it, you should totally follow us too.

    RSS feed: http://binarychode.podbean.com/feed

    iTunes: We're currently waiting for iTunes approval. Also, iTunes is terribad and you should use the RSS feed anyway to nab our podcast.

    Direct download: http://binarychode.podbean.com/mf/we...ainshorter.mp3

    Episode 001: Hey dickbrain! It gets better
    [There are times when Jon laughs really loud. If you're listening through headphones, err on the quieter side of things. This has been a public service announcement.]

    For our first episode, we try to imagine what it's like being trapped in your body for 10 years and figure out why sperm (as well as all manner of sexual behavior) goes the way it goes. In addition, we learn that Clint canít imagine dealing with coma patients, Conor bases his science knowledge on Doctor Who, Jon hates mammals and the human race, and Levi hates agreement. But be safe in the knowledge that it does, indeed, get better.

    If you like the music snippets that you heard, give Suck City by Black Math and bitterfly by etc. the full listen.

    Wired UK, "Brain damaged patient tells neurologist he's not in pain"

    Look Who's Talking, opening scene (The inspiration for Levi's sperm)

    The Human Animal - Biology of Love (penis bones and such at 33:00)

    Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex

    National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) - Icequakes

    Charlie the Unicorn (re: Conor is awful)

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    Will give it a listen later on.
    Edit: the RSS only feeds info, no podcast feed as far as I can tell.
    Edit: scratch that, I refreshed a few times and it showed the podcast. I'm such a Noob.

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