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Thread: Binary Chode (Don't call it a comeback)

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    Binary Chode (Don't call it a comeback)

    Once upon a time, there was this podcast called Robochode. Then it died. Then it came back. I'm not very good at telling stories.

    For people that weren't around the same time as Robochode (which is understandable since the last episode aired nearly 2 years ago), it was a couple of dtoiders shooting the shit about random things in science and technology. Binary Chode is exactly that. Half the cast of the original Robochode (ZP and Bloodspray) will be making their return. The rest of the cast will be filled out by an old man, a lady, and yours truly. At least two of us will be slinging back a couple of drinks.

    We will be recording our first episode tomorrow at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time. The control freak in me did plan out a list of topics, but the lush in me is very prone to derailing and forgetting. Even though we have a list of things to talk about, we would love to get questions from you folks as well. If it's something vaguely sciencey, we'll probably try our best to answer it. You can either post questions in this thread, e-mail questions to binarychode AT gmail DOT com, or tweet us at @BinaryChode. And while you're at it, follow the Twitter account. In addition to taking your questions, we'll probably tweet random shit we find that you'll find interesting.

    The first few episodes are going to be us getting our bearings, but we should at the very least have a link to directly listen to the podcast. We're going to figure out how to get iTunes/RSS capabilities eventually. Baby steps.

    tl;dr Get hyped for this podcast.

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    Sounds great, I'll send interesting shit your way, no prob. If I don't forget to, that is.

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    This is relevant to my interests.

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    I already know the Science though.

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    ...Robochode was two years ago? I didn't listen to it as I can't really get to listening any podcasts but it feels so weird to think that was dead two years ago. Doesn't feel that long.

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    It feels even longer to me. Icarus hasn't been around here for quite a while, and Technophile even longer. It feels like ages.

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    Oh shit, IcarusKills and Technophile. Those two need to check in more.

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    Yeah, I wonder why they stopped coming by. They're probably just busy. Hope the Star Wars thing is still working out for Techno.

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    They must be cutting down on the payroll for SWTOR now that its income is really suffering. I wonder if EA will give Bioware (Houston? Somewhere Texas sounding) another job if SWTOR doesn't prosper now that it's FTP.

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    QUESTION: What is really at the centre of the Earth? Is it lizard men or mole men?
    Last edited by Panzadolphin56; 11-26-2012 at 04:11 AM.

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    And which are on the moon too?

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    Oh, you everybody knows its Crab People.

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    You don't know, you're not even a scientist.

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    I could be if i wanted to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    Cock Doc
    You called?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    I could be if i wanted to be.
    Pff, you're either born with science or you're not kiddo.
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