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Thread: Introducing: NeoShinGundam

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    dtoiddisco Introducing: NeoShinGundam

    Yo, Dtoiders! My real name is William and some of you may recognize my handle from comments on the mainpage. If not, I'm one of the 3 in the DtoidNY Google Group emailer who made it out to NYCC this year.

    Most of my activity you can qualify as "lurker" as this is the first time I've come over to the forums. I'm actually less active on the main page since the switch to Disqus (sp?) and my company's firewall blocks access to it (I can see the article, but not the comments). Still, Dtoid seems like a cool place and I'm migrating over from The Escapist since their forums have basically turned into everything I was trying to get away from after leaving 4chan.

    As for gaming stuff, I've got PS3 and a Mac with Windows 7 installed via BootCamp; although a weird driver error keeps disconnecting me from the internet on the Windows-side and I've been too lazy to fix it. I'm more into strategy stuff like Starcraft or G Generation, but I enjoy the occasional action heavy game (Bayonetta, Space Marine, etc.).

    Well that's pretty much it. Happy to be here and see you goes in a FNF!

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    Another Escapist Escapee? Very nice. I left that pisshole ages ago and haven't looked back.

    Welcome to our humble basement, sir. I hope you have lube.

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    Welcome, hope you find no reasons to escape this forum

    Which is nothing like 4chan (aside from some crazy people)

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