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Thread: Helloo Destructoid!

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    dtoidsurprise Helloo Destructoid!


    I'm Isak, 26 years old from the Sweden and I like playing and creating games.

    My dayjob is giving really rich people fiber to their big mansions and pretending it's a really important job. Mostly I just hate it and try to get fired but i'm still stuck there. When i'm not doing the fiber i'm trying to live my dream creating games that I like and playing games. Someday I hope i'll just work with games..

    I started of with NES and Mario. It lasted for 2 days until it melted, then we couldn't afford a new one so I had to wait for a Megadrive and leeching console-gaming at friends. That's the earliest I remember gettin hooked in games. I had a dreamcast too!

    Now I really enjoy games like Postal 2 and wish there was something more like that. Other than that i'm into RTS and stuff I don't even know exists, like cool indie games. Botanicula was a good trip!

    Oh and I was lucky enough to find me a wife who both likes games, is hot and creates the games with me. We are doing a bloody point and click right now I'm doing the programming and she does the art so it's a good mix.

    Drink hail, gl hf(record demo plx) and thanks for reading!

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    You feed fiber to old rich people??

    OH, you're a cable guy! I totally read that wrong.


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    Welcome, always great to see another European in here

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    I love Jim Carrey.


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    Actually it's pretty much like the cable guy except the rich people can't admit they want the fiber for hd scheisse porn-stream.. why would anyone want 1000mbit internets other for that?!

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    I know I use it for that.

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    They could just want it for world peace?

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    Botanicula was okay, but man, Machinarium blows it out of the water. But I also hate nature and like cutesy dystopian robotic futures. Welcome aboard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladderbloat View Post
    My dayjob is giving really rich people fiber to their big mansions
    Ohoho that's a euphemism if ever I heard one.

    HI AND HI!!

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    Why would you watch HD sheisse porn when you could watch 4K sheisse porn in 4D.

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