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Thread: The Stanley Parable HD Remix - It's about choice and freedom. Probably.

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    dtoidmad The Stanley Parable HD Remix - It's about choice and freedom. Probably.

    The Stanley Parable, Half-Life 2 Mod that was just Greenlit by the Steam Community, is the game you should be downloading right now (if you haven't already).

    Their description of the game:

    What is The Stanley Parable: HD Remix?
    It is the remake/sequel/expansion to The Stanley Parable, a Source mod released in 2011. The game is an experiment in video game storytelling, or the point of it might be that thereís actually no story at all, or maybe the point is that thereís no game. Itís about choice and freedom, possibly, but actually it might be about something else. You will make a decision that means nothing, you will walk a path that goes nowhere, and if you REEEEEEEEALLY look hard enough, none of it will make sense.

    If this article from ArsTechinca doesn't convince you to give it a try...

    ...then their sardonic video response to a fan's email should do the trick.

    Check out their Steam Greenlight Page for more goodies:

    (the screenshot gallery is especially amazing.)

    Or just go download it right now (it's free!):

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    Ha ha ha, that video is brilliant. Talk about passive aggressive overload.

    I loved the Stanley Parable, one of the most interesting things I've played in a while, so I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's a lot longer though, I was disappointed the original didn't spend more time toying with the idea of the narrator and forced narrative structure.

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    Not even looking at anything about this past the teaser video. Just waiting for the fancy pants new version to come out before I ruin anything.

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