With the sequel to arguably the best puzzler on the 3DS coming to Europe on Thursday (and America a week from then), I figure I'd get a discussion going.

Here we can post QR codes, discuss particularly ball-wrenching puzzles, and just generally discuss the game that puts most 3DS retail titles to shame.

Mallo love <3

What's new?

The curator of Pullblox Park's grand-niece visits him and Mallo. Mallo greets her with a traditional sumo "stomp", scaring off the birds that carried the girl's balloon (just bear with me), and it's Mallo's job to venture through the various Fallblox puzzles where the birds are perched so the girl can get home! The plot doesn't really do much other than serve the purpose of getting Mallo to those puzzles. And that's of course, where Fallblox shines.

The Blox now adhere to the laws of gravity. If you pull out a supporting block, the one above it will collapse down a level, expanding the potential puzzling elements. You now get a full 360 degree view, allowing the puzzles to be in full three dimensions. There are "cloud blocks" which don't drop down and float mid-air, and "doors" which allow you to transport across blocks.

Much like Pushmo, there's a wide variety of user-based content available, which is very simply traded through the use of QR Codes. You can upload your created puzzles into a QR code, which can then be pasted into various websites, (these forums, hint hint) and of course take a picture of a code yourself. This is where Crashmo shines, and ultimately means that the game can go on forever.