My name is Aidan, though my online moniker both here and elsewhere is commonly L. (with the clan tag {BA}, but more of that shortly)

I have recently rejoined Dtoid after a lull in activity for around half a year. I have recently gained new employment, and now have much more free time to engage in lounging about in a desk chair playing games and talking to people online about said games. I hope to become an active forum member, which is something I've very rarely done in the past. Used to post a bit on The Escapist, but over time started to feel a little tired of the reputation and the "holier-than-thou" attitude many of the members there displayed. I feel this could be my new home, because boners etc.

My reason for rejoining the C-Blogging section of the site was to create a new community-based video series for Destructoid, via my old gaming clan The Astonishingly Badass {BA}, whom I have been highly estranged from due to previous employment. The show features Let's Play style content as well as reviews and features by myself and the other four higher-ups of the old Left 4 Dead 2 clan I served with (and created). They're a great bunch of blokes and blokettes, and if you stick with us, I'm sure you'll grow to love them. Even StrYdA.
My aim is twofold; to create an entertaining show on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and to gradually involve those in the Dtoid community who wish to get involved. Why not come join us for a game, and we'll make a Let's Play video of it. Want to chip in on a group review? Hit me up dammnit!

As for the forums, I'm just looking to have a chat about games and other things, and maybe finally get to any UK based meetups happening. I was going to go to that PC-oriented deal in Brighton in June, but had a job interview instead. Tsk.

Anyway, I look forwarding to chatting.