Hey all! Just thought I'd throw this out there, see if there's any Dtoiders who are in the Vancouver area who might be interested in any of this.

Big thing this weekend is the Vancouver Gaming Expo! I went last year and had a blast, and this year they've extended it to two days! It's located at the Columbia in New Westminster, just 5 minutes away from Columbia Skytrain (and GameDeals). Tickets are afaik still available, and while I'm only going on Sunday I'd love to meet up with any Dtoiders. Send me a PM and we can find each other.

While I'm not going to the Expo on Saturday, I am going to see Wreck-It Ralph! I'm going to see the non-3D showing (because 3D hurts my eyes...) at 2:55 at Cineplex Odeon International Village, at 88 West Pender St. I'll try to be at the theatre at 2:15, and hang out for a bit. Afterwards I'll head up the road to the EXP Bar for some dinner. It's a cool place! Little bit pricey, but no more than any other bar/pub (in this city the only cheap food seems to be fast food and sushi). Due to some antiquated liquor laws here they can't have any playable games, but the decor is awesome, they show gaming streams frequently, and the food was great both times I went there. Again, it'd be great to have a drink with anybody local, so send me a PM if you want to hang out! If it's too busy we can always just go down Granville and get some quick food on the way to the sketchy (but awesome!) arcade!

Finally, there CyberDelia 2012 on Saturday night at BLVD22. It's by the same people who put on the Galaxion Origins show at the Red Room last month, and if it's anything like that it'll be a fun time. Lots of arcade machines and gaming consoles hooked up, and plenty of retro/rave/electronica dancing goodness. I won't be going, as I'll be working at my bar that night, but I figured I'd put it out there for anybody interested.

So that's it! Hopefully a local or two comes around these parts and can make it out! After two years of living here I'd love to make some Dtoid connections, maybe even get some sort of Dtoid Vancouver restarted.