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Thread: Hi DTOID

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    Hi DTOID

    Hello all, I'm Kaif, an ex-Londoner who got tired of the terrible weather and decided to pack up and head out to Cape Town, South Africa. I work in video production as a cameraman, editor and animator which works out pretty good because the industry is quite big here in Cape Town. I haven't been in Africa too long (only 3 months now) but I'm loving it so far. In terms of the gaming scene out here, it's massive and almost identical to what you have Europe and the States. Unfortunately though, the game development scene is tiny here. But, I've met a bunch of people here who all have the skills (programmers, animators, musicians etc.) and want to make games but just haven't met each other yet. So, hopefully, you could be seeing some games coming out of Cape Town soon!
    I've been gaming since I was a kid with the first game I played being Last Ninja 2 on my uncle's Commodore 64. I've owned almost every console released past 1985 at some point in my life (apart from the Atari Jaguar, probably for the best). At the moment though, I have just my PC and my little Android phone for gaming; It's working out okay for me.

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    Sounds awesome, welcome!

    What sort of games are big in Cape Town atm? What's your favourite game and system?

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    The Jaguar has Tempest 2000 though. That shit was amazing.

    Welcome to the Forums.

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    Hello, welcome to the forum. You sound like an exciting chap.

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    W-w-w-welcome brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    Sounds awesome, welcome!

    What sort of games are big in Cape Town atm? What's your favourite game and system?
    The usual suspects, Fifa, CoD and Halo. Although people seem to be pretty savvy when it comes to emulators here, I've met a few people that have loaded up their android phones with snes roms which is pretty cool. Download services like Steam, PSN and XBLA are here but definitely not as big in the west yet due to a lot of people having capped internet (although that will change once the new fibre optic cables get laid down next few months). As for my favourite game and system, there's too many to mention! But the one I've had the best memories of is game-wise Goldeneye 007 and console-wise the N64.

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    I'm a freelance Vidoegrapher/Editor in Boston. What type of shows do you work on?

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