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Thread: 3DS FNF November 9th

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    3DS FNF November 9th

    So each Friday night a bunch of Dtoiders get together and decide to play some videogames online together. Craaaaazy idea, right?

    This is where all the planning happens, so if you want to host a game yourself, post the game, appropriate friend code and time here and I'll edit the main post.

    Anyone can host any game they want so don't be afraid to join in.

    So if you have a 3DS and some free time, why don't you join us and have some fun? You do like to have fun, don't you?

    Game: Mario Kart 7
    Dtoid Communnity Code: 22-4755-7110-5555
    Time: 8:00 PM EST
    Host: Wolfy-Boey, Friend Code: 5327-1072-2012
    Twitter: @Wolfy_Boey (If you go by a different name on twitter, please inform me. Thank you.)

    Game: Kid Icarus Uprising
    Time: 11:00 PM EST
    Host: smurfee_mcgee Friend Code: 5284-1410-9454
    Twitter: @smurfee_mcgee

    You can exchange Friend codes here, or in this post.

    FOR MARIO KART 7 PLAYERS: When playing Mario Kart 7 we will be using the community feature to play together. To join us, simply enter the Dtoid community code (For races: 43-8816-8269-4512) and wait in the group. Please try to be patient and wait for other players, as once a Grand Prix starts players cannot join until the entire tournament is finished. Each group can only have up to eight players, but there can be an infinite amount of groups playing at one time in each community. Now, before you try to join a group check how many groups are playing already. If you see one or groups playing, but when you join everything is empty, then the match has already begun. Try leaving and then joining again in a few minutes. An easier way to do all this is to exchange friend codes and spam the "Join Game" feature onyour fiend list.

    I hope this clears up some things and makes this process a little less frustrating. Still, think of all this as some challenge before a sweet reward. It's like Dark Souls, yo.

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    I'm...not sure I'll make it this week...
    Friggin Halo and all.

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