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Thread: What's the consensus on trading gaming accounts?

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    What's the consensus on trading gaming accounts?

    I'd like to get rid of my battlenet account which has both Diablo 3 and WoW+the expansions on it, not sure how it would work though, I mean I would provide all login info to the new user and all the needed info to make the account his and change emails and such.

    But is that sort of thing even allowed here?

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    Not sure if it's allowed, but why would you want someone else's account? And why would you want to get rid of your own?

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    I'm pretty sure account trading is frowned upon by Blizzard themselves. Probably not something that should be done on the Forums.

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    it's too bad you can't gift away games you bought. like if you no longer want them and want others to enjoy them.

    I would love to do that with some of my favorites that I no longer play.

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    I'd love that feature, but I don't see it happening sadly.

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    It can be done but it's against Blizzard's terms. Whole reason there's a real money auction house for Diablo is to try and prevent virtual item sales outside of their control.

    People still do it, but if caught it could mean a permanent ban for that account, making it useless to the person it's passed or sold onto.

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    Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of digital sales usurping the used game market?

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