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Thread: Need for Speed Most Wanted

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    Need for Speed Most Wanted

    Didn't see a thread thought would add one....

    My autolog is very sparse at the moment...seems not as many of my old burnout crew have picked this up as I expected. add me on flameboyCA,

    Impressions so far

    I have some misgivings about this game...something seems a little off. A few of the things come down to it being a Need For Speed game and not a Burnout game I guess. Like the whole tone is a lot more serious....the lack of the announcer in the same way takes a way some of the fun aspect of's replaced by police chatter which kind of becomes repetitive. Also no switching to show when you've taken down someone else. It just flashes up on screen saying takedown and how many experience points you've been assigned. It kind of takes some of the pleasure out of taking out a friend. The cops are an annoyance as well to be honest.

    Also not sure about how you acquire vehicles simply by driving up to them and then being able to warp into the location where it sits is very odd. Being able to upgrade straight out of the dpad menu is cool.

    I'm sure multiplayer fun will still be awesome but I think I would certainly have preferred a new Burnout game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Meh judging by the last reply 6/07/12 there isn't much interest in the game...unless now its out people are more interested.

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    I got really excited because when I saw "Need for Speed Most Wanted" I thought maybe it was about the original Most Wanted (which was utterly amazing at the time). Needless to say, I'm sad

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