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Thread: Hitman: Absolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    Double post because I just realized that the in-game search engine isn't optimized for keywords. I should also mention that these are for 360, of course -- I kinda wonder if they go cross platform though. Would be interesting if they did. Anyway, here are the previously mentioned contracts listed by ID.

    The one with Lynch - 5-0810-691219-CAPT
    The one I made with the samurai gimmick - 5-2220-682459-LING

    If anybody else wants to post theirs, feel free. I'll add them to the original post as I've done with these.
    I saw a post about this the other day. He mentions his partner is busy checking out merchandise, and you can find the other guy out at a shooting range nearby.

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    Fuck. Just got back from vacation festivities and now I need to finish this game. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, I think, and I've been playing for probably 20+ hours. Absolutely awesome so far and I'm really glad I finished Blood Money right before this. Anyone who wants to add me on Live for contracts and such-like feel free. I don't really know anyone who got the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    I saw a post about this the other day. He mentions his partner is busy checking out merchandise, and you can find the other guy out at a shooting range nearby.
    Kane shows up in a cutscene. There's a bar fight where you get to see him punch a few guys. Lynch might be the one you're thinking about at the shooting range -- it's where the contract takes place and he's there firing a shotgun when you find him. I'll check it out later and see if they're both present, if they are I'll make a new contract with both as targets.

    - checked up on this, no Kane in that level. If he's there I haven't found him.
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    Game froze at the end of the strip club. Lost my save file.

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    You install yours? If not, try it, that should avoid the problem.

    Come to think of it my Xbox started making some really weird sounds the first time I put this disc in -- almost like it had been burned differently than usual and the information had to be scanned differently as well. It stopped and started several times each second. Kinda freaked me out at first but it runs like a dream off the hard drive. It's probably just possessed or something. I get that a lot.

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    I'm not sure what that means. Can I back it up?

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    Not sure what you mean by back it up. As far as what I posted, the first sentence is well-intentioned and accurate advice, then I just kind of trailed off into some ghost story bullshit because it makes the internet fun.

    Did I mention the part where Slenderman lives on the disc? 47 is basically Slenderman when you think about it. Same suit, same bald head -- that part's just symbolism though. If you go in your bathroom in the middle of the night, and look into the mirror while saying "47 bit my jimmy", you'll come out with scratches on your face.


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    I googled "Installing PS3 save files" and read up on it. Might try it. My brother is gonna try the game though, so I could end up playing his file under chapter select, after he finishes the game. Might dick around in contracts in the mean time.

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    Oh that. Just to clarify, I wasn't talking about installing save files. I meant that if you install the game to your hard drive, it'll run better and it'll be less likely to lock up on autosave points. Which is how your save data got corrupted. Didn't mean to confuse you with all that earlier. I was just being silly.

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    And speaking of silly...

    Makes you wonder what else they've hidden, doesn't it? Last night I found Javier Bardem's silenced shotgun from No Country for Old Men. Came across it as I utterly failed to beat Rev's score on the samurai contract. It's pretty awesome. The shotgun that is. Not the failure.

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    Also, great subreddit for anyone who might be interested;

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    This video was brought to me by a double exp Mountain Dew commercial. Thanks, used.

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    It gives you electrolytes, the stuff plants crave.

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    It's got what's good for you.

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    Finally finished the game today, and I have to say that I ended up loving it. I'd put it right up there with Dark Souls and Fallout as one of my go-to favorites, even with its problems on the higher difficulties. It's definitely a little jarring at first if you're used to how disguises used to work, and there are still some other illogical aspects to the system not mentioned in here, but I am pretty fucking sad to be returning this game to Gamefly right now. I'm still not wild about the Chicago Police/Splinter Cell-esque levels at the beginning of the game, but they no longer grate me now that I've warmed up to the game and have become familiar with the rules of its systems. The second half of the game, on the other hand, really wowed me with its levels. That Hitman style does eventually show up once the game stops trying to be Splinter Cell.

    With the save file bug and disguise detection on higher difficulties fixed, this'll be a game I end up holding onto forever once I buy it.

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    Rev, will you Gamefly Far Cry 3 w/me?

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    "Find the notebook and put it in the safe with Jumanji so no one ever watches it again"

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    These are probably my favorite videos of his.

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    Like taking candy from a sandwich.

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