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Thread: Dumb question... Smaller image size on blogs?

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    dtoidsad Dumb question... Smaller image size on blogs?

    Ok, writing a blog, and havent since before the site revamped a bit, how the hell do I make images smaller in my blog? They come up gigantic when I paste them after uploading but changing the file itself doesnt fix it so where in the code to i edit its size? thanks in advance!

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    If you upload it to the blog the image should resize to fit the frame automatically, if you're doing that and it's still too big you could consider adding borders on either side of the picture, since it resizes the picture to fit the text frame that should shrink the actual image. If you're hosting the image somewhere else then shrinking the image is probably your only option.

    Atleast that's my experience of it.

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    The blogs here have never been that smart, I would recommend sizing them to 620px wide or whatever yourself (try MSpaint) and then hyperlinking the image to the original if it is worth doing.

    Goddamnit Panza.

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    Since you already have an answer to your question, go make an intro post

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    Intro post, wha? I been here before, many moons ago. I goto Destructoid all the time but never really use the forums, i just blog sometimes and comment on others blogs really. But is there a place for an intro post cuz sure I'll do that later today. Thanks guys, yea i figured it out. I just added black edged in photo shop (since the pic was a vertical image) and voila it worked!

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    Well if you're sticking around the forums an intro thread is a good idea, check out the meet and greet section or the rules if you're not sure.

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