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Thread: Graphics Card Upgrade

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    Graphics Card Upgrade

    Hey everybody! So, the holiday season is rolling around and I'm thinking of treating myself to a new graphics card. I currently have two HD Radeon 6870s crossfired in my computer, but I'm thinking of upgrading to one Nvidia GTX 680. I've done extensive research between the two, but nothing seems that conclusive. This is primarily because most comparison websites don't take into account that I'm using two cards. Here's my question, is it worth it to switch over?

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    It probably is worth the investment if you really need more FPS out of your games, there will be a definite improvement because the mid range cards like 6870 and 560Ti don't scale very well in crossfire/SLI.

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    After glancing at Anandtech Bench, I predict roughly 15-25% better framerates (depending on the game), 30% lower power consumption, and the benefit of PhysX effects in supported games. If you've got the money to burn, I'd go for it.

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    People need to post more about their budget. If money is no object to people they wouldn't be asking so I don't get why people ask what they should get without some context.

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