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    Since Glowbo totes forgot to, can you throw up a pic of it from the described angle? :-P

    I'll PM you the answer.

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    Will do when I'm home.

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    I forgot to take a picture of the knob?

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    There's a first time for everything.

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    Maybe it was just me, but I thought when you face front, it'd turn into M Randy giving a big ol' thumbs up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobi13 View Post
    It's the 24th, and it looks like my SS's gift won't be here on time. Whyyyyyy?
    It was me. It took waaaay too long for the main thing I ordered to get to me. Apologies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    The main thing for my gift finally came today, so I'll be shipping tomorrow. If it doesn't make it before Christmas, apologies. Apologies.

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    Are you implying the pee-hole looks like a mini-vagina?

    If so I agree.

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    It's a Kung Fu Christmas, brought to me by the late and great Gatsbro.

    Damn good haul this year.

    Unfortunately, the stuff for my giftee won't make it till new years. And it won't all come at the same time. But it's coming. Or going. Or something.

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    I watched one of the fight scenes from Chocolate. That girl is pretty badass, hope she keeps doing stuff.

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    I got my present from an amazing person, deadpool corps collection, so much squee.

    Pics to follow when my phone isn't dead.

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    Got my SS gift today, and well...See for yourself!

    Hadn't noticed how much my beard is in effect until watching this video.

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    Well, it actually came in on the 22nd, but I was out of town. I'm pretty sure it's from Mece.

    Homemade cookies out the wazoo and some hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows. I'm getting the beetus today baby!!

    Thank you Mece, they will be thoroughly enjoyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobi13 View Post
    Got my SS gift today, and well...See for yourself!
    You didn't mention Duke in the spreadsheet, but I saw it on your cblarg.

    Glad you didn't already have the shirt, dude. That was what took a while. Ordered it from a popular shirt site based in Canadia, so I'm guessing that's why it took a while to get to me.

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    Opened my SS's (panza) present, so cooool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Hansen View Post
    I watched one of the fight scenes from Chocolate. That girl is pretty badass, hope she keeps doing stuff.
    Chocolate was pretty great. Her stage name is Jeeja Yanin, and she's Prachya Pinkaew's new "protege" or whatever (such as Tony Jaa was). She did Chocolate under her full name, Yanin Vismitananda.

    She does her own stunts, which is rad. If I remember right her main martial art IRL is Taekwondo and she's started incorporating a blend of Muay Thai into it, as you saw in Chocolate.

    Check out "Raging Phoenix" which came out after Chocolate. She also did "The Kick" in 2011 which I haven't seen, and is set to be in The Protector 2 (with Tony Jaa), which is filming right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watermanx View Post
    Opened my SS's (panza) present, so cooool.

    So kawaaaiiiii

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    Came home yesterday to my secret santa gift from Conor (Bloodspray)!

    To start, some anime.

    Despite my love for Akira Kurosawa, I've yet to see the Samurai 7 anime, so that's radacular. Other is from his personal collection; mentioned in the lovely letter (not picutred) that no one seems to have heard about it, and I count myself among the ignorant, so I'm excited to check out something I'm totally unfamiliar with.

    Next, we've a pretty badass book.

    Which on initial thumb throughs is proving interesting already!

    And some badass art!

    But the best piece of art...

    On top of all this, scored some emergency mustaches because, quote Conor, "you just never know when you might need them." Truer words have never been spoken.

    For some reason he wouldn't sit still when I'd put the mustaches in front of his face.

    Thanks a ton, homie! Great way to round out the holiday season.

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    Glad you like it man! Sorry I couldn't find Samurai 7 #1, but I figured that's midway enough that you can decide if you like it without spoiling anything major. Glad you haven't seen Iria! I seriously loved that series. It's actually a prequel to a live action film called Zeiram but I've never seen that. Also you have a handsome dog. Merry Christmas!

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