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    The main thing for my gift finally came today, so I'll be shipping tomorrow. If it doesn't make it before Christmas, apologies. Apologies.

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    Got mine figured out so I'm sending it out tomorrow. Was going to do it today but midnight shifts and I woke up at 9pm and blahblahblah

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    I don't know if you saw the pics or not but she loves the gift dude. You done good.

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    lol I didn't mean for it to come off that depressing. I saw the pics and I'm glad she liked it, though. I really meant next year I'd like to do a more fun, personalized gift like the ones I've seen on here.

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    Bad news: Zavvi cancelled my order to Noobspoon, so I'm going to have to get him his second present delivered after Christmas. I hope that isn't going to crush him. :/

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    Well that sucks! How come they cancelled it?

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    Not a problem dude, I was satisfied with the first gift as is

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    I'm sorry to my person, it's going to be late. I'm gonna try to ship it out tomorrow.

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    My gifts are on there way. Hopefully the Royal Mail don't cock this up!

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    hehe they cocked up with yours but not in the same way...

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    I can picture mine going through a scanner. Hopefully bring some entertainment to a postie's mundane life.

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    Gatsby scored due to amazing customer service at HBO. One of the things I'd sent was a Tyrion bobblehead. They shipped Dany by mistake. He wasn't disappointed, but I was. I contacted them and said "my gift recipient isn't disappointed, but if he does want to exchange it, what is the process?" They were very apologetic, reshipped the corrected figure at no cost, and said there was no need to return the incorrect item. Love it.

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    My friend bought a Tyrion bobblehead for a White Elephant party. it was the gift everyone kept swapping for.

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    My Secret Santa is amazing.

    Two awesome looking Books and...

    Three Boxes of Apple Jacks.

    Pics to follow.

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    My secret santa arrived today and it is amazing:

    First of all, a rather lovely letter:

    Box full of presents!

    A Gentlemen's grooming kit! With a fluffing brush!!

    George Carlin asks the most important question:

    A Deus Ex t-shirt! This person knows me well:

    I feel like I have been genuinely spoiled this year. Much thanks!

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    That is brilliant!!

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    Ok, my gift came from
    and boy, was it ever personalized.

    Click this here button that done says spoiler, because there's a lot of pictures and junk.

    So yeah, that's probably the most creatively given gift I've ever received. Thanks so much to my Seacrest Santa! We're like brothers now and we're going to spit shake on it to make it fact.

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    Color me fucking impressed. That shit was rad.

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    Won't be able to ship mine off til after new years. fuck

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    I think we have a winner.

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