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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    I'm having to wait till payday to get pressies. Killing me.

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    i haven't picked them up. just got the ideas sorted and priced.

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    I've got a good idea for mine, just now to see if I can find it.

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    bbrigg's Avatar
    8,950 posts since Jul 2007

    I wonder if they make Superhero real dolls...

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    I have too many ideas.

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    real dolls are expensive. you can dress them up though. i've never sexed a doll of any sort.

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    The doc you folks can see only has people that added their own lists in. If they didn't bother, they didn't bother.

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    Alright, if I don't have a box filled out by next week my person is getting a corpse.

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010

    I say anyone who didn't fill it out gets naked pictures of Conor for Xmas...

    Removing my details now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornflakeJustice View Post
    Alright, if I don't have a box filled out by next week my person is getting a corpse.
    I already mailed mine a dead rat. If they put stuff on there, they get TWO gifts.

    *This message dated before I even looked at the damn thing*

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    JJMccallum's Avatar
    1,657 posts since Apr 2010


    Pretty sure he'll do it. Love that motherfucker.

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    Daze's Avatar
    428 posts since Jul 2006

    Going shopping for gifts tomorrow. I have some pretty good ideas for my secret sexting partner.

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    ProlificDream's Avatar
    2,308 posts since Jan 2012

    I'm going to send mine out after thanksgiving! I'm getting some fun ideas too. Excited!

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    sent mine already! now all i got to think of gifts for my daughter. that will take up enough time already

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    Scield's Avatar
    2,152 posts since Apr 2011

    I'm still at a complete loss what to get my Seacrest. I still have time, though.

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    I'll probably get mine once my credit card order rolls around. I'm still trying to think of something personal to bake, but I'm sure it'll come to me.

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