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Thread: Werewolf Variant- Offshoots/Experiments/Concurrent Games

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    I'll send round PM's in the next hour revealing your roles.

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    Noises could be heard throughout the forest, some sounded like blood curdling screams, others seemed to be noises my microwave would make. Whatever they were our band of brave campers were intrigued.

    "What's happening over there? It sounds like someone's raping an arcade machine."

    "Or being raped by one, it sounds like people fighting their own VCRs... I'm pretty sure I heard a blender a few minutes ago."

    A member of the group returns with firewood

    "Hey, those noises are from the guys staying in Cabin 1, they're being attacked by Ghost Robots or something!"

    "Attacked by Ghobots?"

    "Something like that, I had a quick look and it's fucked up over there, there's explosions, dudes hanging from trees, some poor bastard had a phone jammed into his head..."

    "...Well at least we're safe here in Cabin 2, unlike those dicks in 1! Hahahahaha"

    "Should we help them, or..."

    Everyone laughed, but what they didn't know was that they were far from safe, as their group carried werewolves in it... and they were ghost robot werewolves from the motherfucking future.



    You're all more or less familiar with how the classic game works but just to re-establish things here's a quick summary:

    The game is divided into night phases and day phases. During the night phase, players with roles related to night time activities communicate with me. The night usually ends with the death of one player at the hands of the Werewolves, discovered at the beginning of the day phase. During the day phase, players on the Villager team communicate publicly with each other in order to find out who the Werewolves are and, ideally, lynch them. Players on the Werewolves team may lie, manipulate others and resist detection as best they can. The wolves win when all the Villager team is killed; the villagers win when all the wolves are exterminated.

    Roles are allotted secretly. You can claim to be whatever role you at at any time in the game - I won't stop you from that. The only thing you can't do is quote anything from the pm where you received your role. Bear in mind, the game tends to be more fun when players on the whole remain mysterious about their roles.


    The roles you'll be seeing in this game are as follows:

    Werewolves: Several players in this game will be werewolves. During the night phase, they secretly communicate with each other via PM on the topic of who they would like to kill.
    Prophet: Once a night, PMs me a question about the wolf team that I can answer with either YES or NO. Is on the Villager team.
    Guardian Angel: Each night, assigns a player of their choice to serve as the Bodyguard until the following day. Cannot assign him/herself.
    Vigilante: Upon death, the Vigilante picks another player to die alongside him/her. Is on the Villager team.
    Cupid: At the very beginning of the game, Cupid PMs me with the names of two players he/she chooses to become Lovers. Cupid may choose him/herself to be a Lover, if that is his/her heart's desire. Cupid then reverts to being a perfectly normal player on the Villager team.
    Villagers: A normal everyday player with no special powers. Sorry. Is on the Villager team.

    Roles attributed during the course of the game:

    Lovers: Picked by Cupid, two players are given the Lovers role in addition to their other role. The two players are then informed by me that they are to fall hopelessly in love with each other, which entails that on the death of one Lover, the other Lover also dies. Since their love is shameful, knowledge of the Lovers is secret only to Cupid and the Lovers themselves. Lovers can only win the game if they survive until the end. If the Lovers consist of a Villager and a Werewolf, they can only win by being the last two players alive at the game's end.

    Bodyguard: Assigned nightly by the Guardian Angel, this player is granted the ability to defend a player of their choice from a wolf attack. The role expires come the following day phase, as does their protection. The Bodyguard is not able to protect him/herself.

    The Sheriff: During the day phase, the village may decide to appoint one of the players as a Sheriff. The Sheriff role stacks with the appointed player's primary role and gives them the advantage of their lynching vote carrying twice the weight. In other words, during the vote to lynch, the Sheriff's vote counts twice. In the event of a tie during lynching, the mob rules in favour of whichever side the Sheriff supported. If the Sheriff dies, that player must immediately deputise another player who then takes up the mantle of Sheriff. And when that Sheriff dies, the badge is passed on again, and so on.

    In order to nominate someone for Sheriff, simply post who you nominate in bold. The player with the most votes is the one who gets the Sheriff's badge. If at least half the village wants to abstain nobody becomes Sheriff. If more than half the village tries to nominate for a Sheriff, the one with the most votes gets it. In the case of a tie where all the nominations for a Sheriff are for a single player, and the number equals the total number of abstains, no-one is elected. The process repeats each day until a Sheriff is elected.


    During the day phase, players simply put forward their vote on who they want to lynch or if they want to abstain. If more players vote to abstain than vote to lynch any single player, no lynching occurs. If more people want to kill a particular player than want to abstain, however, the player who receives the most votes against them is executed. In the event of a tie where all the votes to lynch are for a single player and equals all the votes to abstain, mob rule rules and lynching occurs.

    Players can either voice their nomination in bold publicly, or PM them to me privately. Once all votes are in, I call the phase, reveal how the votes went and enact the appropriate result.

    If the day phase is dragging because we're still waiting on players to put in their votes, I'll give a heads up that we're to move on with the game. If necessary (e.g. a good few hours later), I'll simply call an end to the phase with any unresolved votes counting as 'abstain.'


    In the event of a tie during lynching, the mob rules in favour of whichever side the Sheriff supported.

    I should have PM'd you by now, let me know if I've missed you out.

    Rules copied from Byron's game. Let's do this.


    Night role PM me.

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    They should have been sent out. I got mine.

    That said, ZZZZ but also I'm going to sleep soon and I work at 8PM tonight so I won't be around. I'll check in before work though.

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    We're waiting on some of the roles to PM me.

    I'll chase them up.

    PS - All role PM's have been sent out, if you've not got yours let me know.

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    There's Byronic pretending like he doesn't already know that he's a bad guy.

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    I know roles have been sent out, I meant are we waiting on the nighttime roles to do their thing or just waiting for Muckfoot to get around to updating.

    That's not to say I'm not a bad guy because lying is wrong.

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    Still waiting on a number of people...

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    It IS Dranksgiving, gonna have to bear with a super slow start more than likely.

    I just woke up and have to leave for work in a few hours.

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    The next day everyone awoke and realised someone was missing from their bunk, and outside the cabin was a message written in blood and entrails.

    "The Clown is down."

    ClownBaby is dead

    1) Clown - Dead
    2) Flam
    3) DJ
    4) Byron
    5) ZP
    6) Dex
    7) Lizzy
    8 ) Noob
    9) Bizarro


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    Well, first day is slow as shit so imma get my vote in early then go to bed Abstain​ untill shit gets going.

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    Interesting choice, CB is pretty active and typecast as a Wolf so he usually attracts attention. Anyway, I'll abstain and vote me for Sheriff, because I'm awesome.

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    Eh. Off to work.

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    I'll abstain, nothing to go on yet, yada yada yada bing bong boom.

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    ZP, why are you nominating Noob?

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    1) Clown - Dead
    2) Flam - Abstain
    3) DJ
    4) Byron
    5) ZP - Noob
    6) Dex
    7) Lizzy
    8 ) Noob - Abstain
    9) Bizarro - Abstain

    Abstain - 3 votes
    Noob - 1 vote

    And the sheriff votes:

    1) Clown - Dead
    2) Flam -
    3) DJ
    4) Byron
    5) ZP -
    6) Dex
    7) Lizzy
    8 ) Noob -
    9) Bizarro - Bizarro

    Bizarro - 1 vote
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