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Thread: Werewolf Variant- Offshoots/Experiments/Concurrent Games

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    Not sure who I'm going to nominate yet. Not the wolf, yo.

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    Well if you're not the wolf your only real option would be to nominate myself or Delfino. If you're not the wolf, Delfino definitely is.

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    I'm not a wolf.

    Besides, what would that mean, I sacrificed Dex as some sort of play? :/

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    Well if you're not the wolf your only real option would be to nominate myself or Table. If you're not the wolf, Table definitely is.

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    I'll be honest, I really thought DJ was the other wolf, so I'm a little stumped. Neither of you has really said enough for me to be suspicious. I assume this is our last chance to catch the wolf though.

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    Fish has a double vote, so depending on how Byron interprets his game parity might mean nothing.

    Unless Fish gets et.

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    Just to be clear, parity means nothing in this game. Wolves win when all villagers are dead. Villagers win when all wolves are dead.

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    I do find it odd no one has tried to attack Panza in the night. And being teammates with Dex before, I have no doubt that he could have convinced a newer player to "give him up" to gain trust as the Seer. Dex is a very, very suicidal/homicidal teammate.

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    Well if you want to lynch me I'll understand but I'm really not a wolf.

    Besides, If you're right and I am a wolf, who's the seer?

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    And that seems suspicious as well. A true asset to the team like a Seer shouldn't be so ready to die to prove a point. Unless his job was done.

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    I said I'd understand, doesn't mean I'm anxious to die.

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    Oh God, you're both wolves.

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    And besides which, at this point I do think my job is pretty much over. There's just the four of us, and the lovers are still in play, so with the likelihood being that half of us are going to be wiped out today or tonight (if we don't pick the right person) there's not much use for me.

    Atleast I don't think there is.

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    Ahh, I forgot about the Lovers. So either Used or Fish is a wolf and Delfino is the wolf's lover.


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    I forgot about the lovers. One of them comes out and we got the suspects down to 2.

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    It explains why Delfino isn't dead yet, he's smitten with our remaining killer.

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    I'm just the seer :/

    I have no idea why I'm not dead already, I thought I was being protected.

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    You probably were, but an attack that was prevented would have been made known to us. I know for sure you weren't attacked last night. And another night earlier in the game when I opted to protect ZP instead(for some dumb reason I completely forgot about you being Seer when I got the option, but you still were not attacked).

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    I know for sure you weren't attacked last night.

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    Someone has given me the choice of who to protect two nights this game. Check the edit.

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