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Thread: Werewolf Variant- Offshoots/Experiments/Concurrent Games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamoctapus View Post
    I nominate ZP for sheriff.
    I gladly accept and second that nomination.

    Here here! Har har!

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    Votes for Lynching:

    1. Panzadolphin
    2. Usedtabe
    3. ZP
    4. Muckfoot
    5. Dexter - Dexter
    6. CB - Flamoctapus
    7. MarcoSnow
    8. DJNeal
    9. Flamoctapus - CB

    Dexter - 1
    Flamoctapus - 1
    CB - 1

    Votes for Sheriff:

    1. Panzadolphin
    2. Usedtabe - Usedtabe
    3. ZP - ZP
    4. Muckfoot
    5. Dexter - Muckfoot
    6. CB - Muckfoot
    7. MarcoSnow
    8. DJNeal
    9. Flamoctapus - ZP

    Muckfoot - 2
    ZP - 2
    Usedtabe - 1

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    I did want to keep this secret a bit longer than one game phase :/ but considering the numbers, the likelihood I might die and how an early kill might put us ahead quite a bit I think it's worth the risk:

    I am the seer.

    Dexter is a werewolf.

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    Well, that makes my decision to vote easier!

    Was there any particular reason you looked into Dex on night one?

    We've played a similar game to this (similar size) and there were three wolves in that game (myself, Clown and River) so the guard will need to protect you for as long as possible now, hopefully you'll be able to collar another one soon.

    Dex will say your claim is bullshit, but the way I see it if you are indeed a wolf it's too ballsy a move to claim to be the seer, besides we'd find out whether you're lying once Dex is confirmed. Also we'll be asking you who you looked into every day now, meaning your lies would eventually unravel, if you were a wolf I mean.

    There's a chance you're both wolves and this is either a wolf plan or a lovers plan, but those odds are slim indeed, and providing we've got a trustworthy sheriff by the end game you'd never win.

    hang Dex

    PS - all the coolest seers confess their roles early on, it's just the cool thing to do.

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    He's one of the better players, and I was looking to confirm a few people as human before I said anything. I just got lucky that he was a wolf.

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    Have you ever been so mad that you deleted an entire Forum?
    Change vote to lynch dex.

    Poor little heelspawn, second game in a row this has happened.

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    Dexter voted for Muck to be Sheriff.

    So yeah, I'd say look into Muck next and vote me Sheriff. After all, I was the first to vote to kill Dex.

    Byron, your tally up there is wrong. Dex did not vote for himself, that was me a couple pages back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flamoctapus View Post
    I agree that wasting time without lynching seems pointless. Let's just get the ball rolling.

    Lynch Clown, no real reason aside from wanting to waste as little time as possible. If anyone has a better idea, I'm all for it.

    Also, as far as the initial Marco death, he has been extremely talkative in the last main game, and from my experience the loud ones don't get lynched.
    (ghost) Right, but if the game starts during a night phase we ain't sposed to be talkin', right? (/ghost)

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    Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Lynch Dexter. Also, I would recommend we not put Muckfoot in as Sheriff based on Dex's vote for him. I'll vote ZP for Sheriff.

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    Lynch Panzadolphin.

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    How is that funny? I'm convinced, I think I'm gonna change my vote.

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    Because I just pictured Dex lashing out at Panza like he did us for making him a Lover all those times. If Cupid did their job right we're sending two people to the gallows.

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    Christ Used, I know why it was funny. I mean, like, oh my God.

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    Show me your tits bitch.

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    I don't have to stand for this. Say that to me in Halo and I'll get you banned.

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    You can lay down if you prefer just show me them tittays gurl.

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    If I give you the milk for free you won't buy the cow.

    I'm the cow, y'see.

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    Eh. Nothing I can say or do will stop me from being hanged. It's a mistake, but it's an inevitability.

    I think I know why Panza chose me though, and it's the same thing I've been saying about the "haw haw always make the same person one of the Lovers" thing. If we do that, then even the Werewolves know who one of the Lovers is. Think it's risky for a Werewolf to fake being Seer right now? I doubt it.

    There are eight of us left. Panza claims Seer today, gets me hanged (and probably my Lover), bringing it down to six. Werewolves kill tonight, bringing it down to five players, with probably two Werewolves. That puts us in a do or die situation. Choose perfectly, or we lose. Granted, our next choice would be to kill Panza, then the other Werewolf would kill again, bringing it down to three Villagers, one Werewolf. That's not exactly the best spot to be in.

    Of course, that assumes two Werewolves, which is just how many I would personally include with this number of players. Somebody else mentioned the possibility of three, and I don't know if that's inside information or not, but if it's true, then we're completely screwed if you hang me.

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