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Thread: Werewolf Variant- Offshoots/Experiments/Concurrent Games

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    What are we waiting on?

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    The night roles to finish up I imagine.

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    The villager was so sleepy, it wasn't until lunchtime the next day when everyone awoke. Hungry and yawny, the people slowly dragged themselves out of their giant communal bed* and each made their way down to the kitchen, whereupon they feasted on oats and honey.

    Except for one, for he was dead.

    MarcoSnow has not survived the night, for he is dead. Mauled by Werewolves. He was on the Villager team.

    Day 1

    Player list:

    1. Panzadolphin
    2. Usedtabe
    3. ZP
    4. Muckfoot
    5. Dexter
    6. CB
    7. MarcoSnow
    8. DJNeal
    9. Flamoctapus


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    But Marco is dead. The question remains...was he the big spoon or the little spoon?

    I guess we'll have to let the rats decide that for him now.

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    Why do you fuckers keep killing the newer guys?

    Also, if Dexter isn't a lover Cupid has failed us.

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    New guys dying usually means new guy werewolves... although that could be what they want us to think.

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    Edited the post to include Marco's team.

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    So somebody got out of bed in the middle of the night, murdered MarcoSnow, then got back into bed, and nobody else woke up from the commotion? We must be pretty sound sleepers.

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    I wank with my eyes closed and headphones on. Didn't see or hear shit.

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    Surely you're all in the same bed so nobody had to get out?

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    (ghost) I ain't had a chance to say shit and I get mah ass killed? Dat's some bo'shit. Avenge my death or I'll haunt yo asses from beyond the grave! (/ghost)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Surely you're all in the same bed so nobody had to get out?
    Okay, so who sleeps next to MarcoSnow?

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    The way I figure it, Marco wasn't comfortable jacking it in the bed like the rest of us are so he got up and went to crank one out in the bathroom. The killer was probably upset by this considering it rude (rightfully so) so decided NOPE.

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    Circle Jerk Werewolf.

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    Okay, so real talk now, guys. We don't have a lot of time. There are eight of us left, and at least one Werewolf among us (probably two). Unless anybody wants to come out with information now, I say we give our Seer another day or so to tell us what he knows, then we start killing.

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