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Thread: Communitoid Episode 001 - It Begins

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    Yeah Chang, listening later I didn't like my nut busting either, especially since it wasn't even clear what was going on. It wasn't my skype name, Andy actually changed my name on the fucking site, because he couldn't handle my truth bombs about Signs.

    I changed his to Andy Dixuck shortly after.

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    Good for you. Signs is a terrible movie. Plus it almost ruined one of my friendships because he was trying to be all chem nerdy on me and I was all like, BITCH AIN'T NO ONE GOT TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE

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    While we were recording I thought for a few seconds Bloodspray was seriously upset we had moved on from a topic he wanted to talk about.

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    If it's just going to be every other week then I think you can probably get away with having each segment/item/whatever be that little bit slower-paced and meandering, not so much pressure to be super-slick. I think the "what have we been doing" was fine, just perhaps work out who's going to speak first and what each of you want to bring up before recording so it's not quite so haphazard.
    I thought the spam bit was funny, but it did seem to come in at and odd time. Perhaps that could be earlier in the show, similar to how Podcastle/Retroforce/Podtoid used to have haikus, techno remixes, etc.

    ed: oh, and other community things to promote? Give the guys a shout, they're as big a community and as much a part of Dtoid as the forums, blogs, youtube show and front page are, but they are strangely ignored a lot, especially the seven shows that aren't MASHTacticS and Sup Holmes. They're all based around live casts so there's not much you can really pimp, but it couldn't hurt to give them a mention. Streamtoid should also get a shout-out since that's the actual Dtoid community stream channel and I don't think they've been mentioned once on the front page.

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    Yup, the live streaming side of Dtoid is one I want to talk about more. The main obstacle is I'm pretty out of the loop on those since I'm rarely able to watch streams due to my schedule, and there's already a ton of other Dtoid stuff I have to keep on top of day after day. Any good resources or primers for someone without the time to watch it all?

    ZP finished up our logo! I posted it on the @Communtoid twitter. Will post elsewhere when I get some more rest. Screw being sick.

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    The hosts asked for something in the vein of the Community season one box set.

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    It's pretty much exactly what I hoped for but even better. <3

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    Oh man, so fresh!

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Seriously, all great suggestions... and thanks a ton for listening!

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    So, you got my "no pants" *request?

    *not really a request. More of a demand.

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    Is there anything you guys would like to see that we didn't do, or any parts you think we should expand on?

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    Spin the bottle, no truth or dare, NO, Russian Roulette!

    Or, do some more "comments of the week" type thing.

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    Really good first episode you guys, keep them coming!


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    Quote Originally Posted by n0brein View Post
    Really good first episode you guys, keep them coming!

    holy shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0brein View Post
    Really good first episode you guys, keep them coming!

    Thanks, but more importantly when are we going on our global spread the love tour?

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    I think I met Germany once and liked him. I can't remember though.

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    I actually went to Germany and didn't get to meet Germany. Total letdown.

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    I went to Germany and met Germany. I'm still crying with joy, to this day.

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    First ep was pretty good, listened to it while i was at the gym this morning, nothing prepares you for people saying ball ache with english accents

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