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Thread: Fashion-Toid

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    No need to go Disco man. Just let your balls have some room.

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    Bought a brand new APC sweater on eBay for over half-price, which is a real win for me. Arrived today and it fits perfectly. So comfy. One day I'll be able to afford this stuff new.

    Also looking into buying this Our Legacy sweater if I can get it cheap.

    And this Mr. Rick Tailor jacket.

    eBay's great when rich people use it.

    Oh, and I bought these shoes pretty heavily discounted a couple weeks ago. They're pretty much a DM Mono alternative, but their silhouette is quite a bit slimmer, which I like. Mostly just been using them for going out at night with as they're easy to work into dark fits and are simple to clean the day after.

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    If you want a sweater with stains on it, I got something to sell you.

    Have you guys seen the shit people are doing with stencils and bleach on tshirts?

    That's some beautiful shit. I definitely want to get into it. I took my blue #awesome shirt and fully bleached it since it already had a few drops on it. Looks cool and tricked people.

    Here's the reddit link where I found this stuff:

    There are tutorials and stuff too.

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    Very very nice tees.

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    You mean without the dragon and the guy?

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    It is a little corny. I'm thinking I'd love to make a hoodie or shirt with a huge Kojima symbol on the back. Or something with the Phantom Pain V/! Symbol.

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    Can't help but smile at the idea of shoes getting sequels. Pretty cool official site

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    I just remembered the last time I bought shoes was like years ago.
    And they are like just plain black Nikes. Sturdy enough to last, but not at all fashionable.

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