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Thread: Fashion-Toid

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    I figured we could ask each other and post pictures about what's in our wardrobes and what kind of fashion, style and clothes we like. I mostly dress like a scrub, but I do get gussied up, sometimes i need help to determine what shoes should go with my outfit. I also think this thread would be good for interior design tips and such. So if you have an eye for fashun or just a crazy sense of style, you should post your pics here

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    Just spent $150 at Nordstrom Rack on a pair of white-ish jeans and two shirts, woop. ^_^

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    i spend too much money on shoes, i'd uplaod pics but i don't have any at the moment

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    Most recent shoes I done bought (like, last month). Hooray sales.

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    love shoes and sales.

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    I got bought this shirt today. I've never worn anything purple before in my life, but I just saw myself wearing this in my mind and it just seemed right. Plus my girlfriend loves the color purple, so you know.

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    Other than Gobun I'm not a fan of guys who wear those plain coloured tees with the incredibly large v-dip. Just no thanks.

    I really want this dress.

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    oh i love that dress glowie. i love retro wear like that.

    got me some colbat blue wedges a couple of weeks ago. i'm loooove them. these are my first pair of wedges ever too.

    i also need to get me some gray boot for this winter

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    I could never walk in thos, you're a better woman than me grunchy.

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    they give some good arch support. i love me some hiiiiiiiiigh heels. i tower over usedtabe, but oh well...he just has to climb me to get to the goods.

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    I don't do v-necks. I don't feel right displaying my manly chest hair to everyone. I feel weird potentially turning so many people on at once.

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    I am the least fashionable. That is my greatest boast.

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    With great power comes great responsibility. Don't go too deep on the v-neck and look like a trashy hipster.

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    I think we need a mod here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    Other than Gobun I'm not a fan of guys who wear those plain coloured tees with the incredibly large v-dip. Just no thanks.

    I really want this dress.
    I missed this because dtoid dark doesn't show links but if I were a lady and a pretty one at that I would buy everything on that website.

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    my fall cutie pie. my mother-in-law sends her the cutest outfits.

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    does cosplaying or dress up count as Fashion?

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    Fashion can be many things.

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