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Thread: Fashion-Toid

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    It doesn't look that much different than a normal pea coat to me. Does no department store / menswear store have it for $200-300?

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    So I need a blazer like this & a tub of affordable Handsome Cream and I'm down.

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    I always wondered if I could pull off seersucker.

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    You totally could gurl.

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    i can dig this style on my dude

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    like this

    must do for this fall

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    i like seeing girls wear those things. leg warmers? idk what they're called but they can really pull an outfit together.

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    i'm going to try it. i like the look and they bring back a nostalgic 80's feeling for me. get a black and gray pair and i think they would go with a lot of my winter wear.

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    The fella and I got some really sweet Calvin Klein shoes from online.
    Not only are they semi swanky there surprisingly comfortable, and considering this is what I normally wear through out the day.

    I consider it cool that I finally have classy "big boy" shoes that I don't hate.

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    I had justice league converse and now I have batman ones.

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    Finally bought some new clothes since September last year. No more t shirts for me (well, not till summer).

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    Somebody replaced good Jake with evil stylish Jake

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    Are they running shoes? Or a pair of all purpose sneakers?

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    Do they work as all purpose sneakers? I need new everyday shoes.

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    I get nervous with white sneakers because I have a tendency to spill drinks.

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    I usually go with tan-ish because that's the collor they get anyway. Lots of clay and stuff.

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    Bought deez.

    Tough call between two others.

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