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Thread: Dtoid Northwest Family Thanksgiving

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    Dtoid Northwest Family Thanksgiving

    Hey guys, I've talked to Pana and a few other seattle people about this. I'd love to do a big family thanksgiving dinner around thanksgiving time. It doesnt need to be on the day, because I know some people have families, but Id like to have it around that time. I'd also like to invite you portland and vancouver guys once we figure everything out. (not to say you're not invited now. you are I just want to double check on the location and such.) anyway, I know dyganth, icarus, bloodspray and I at the least don't have family out here and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. spending it with my Dtoid family would be awesome!

    Lemme know who's in so I can start a head count.

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    I'll be there if I'm not stuck working.

    There will be a mention of this on the front page soon, by the way.

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    yiiiissss, involve those frontpagers so that we can drag them into the dungeon.

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    You guys are awesome <3

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    Do this in the North West of England, pretty please.

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    OK I have the stainless steel vat confirmed, we will deep fry Twinkees, Chips Ahoy, MF Ice Cream Sandwitches, and oh yeah a Turkey or something..

    PM me and/or Mr. G and we'll get you the details

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    so Pana offered to do this thanksgiving day. would you guys from out of town be able to make that? or should we try for the weekend before?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I want to get a date locked down so I can write up a cblog and people can get off of work.

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    I'm putting my foot down and saying the saturday after thanksgiving. (as long as pana's cool with it.)

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    If it's on the weekend I'm there. If it's Thursday or Friday though I can't, as work. D:

    I have the Monday off as well.

    Also, this got me to actually post in the forums, so yay.

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    saturday after thanksgiving.

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    Bumping this cause its coming up PM me for details.

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    I will be there! Looking at Saturday/Sunday! Can't wait! XD

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    ok cool, looking forward to seeing DTOIDers again - We may have trouble finding Twinkies to deep fry, but we can always deep fry Chip's Ahoy. They are also quite steller once baptized in peanut oil.

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    I gotta email back that girl who hit me up for details.

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    that was freakin awesome, thanks everyone for coming. Deep fried pumpkin bread FTW!

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    I do have pictures but my laziness is too much.

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