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Thread: Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy

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    I've probably cycled through four different songs at this point. I'm satisfied with this one though--the internet can rest easy tonight.

    I'd post Dub Slash and Go Straight to go with this one, but I don't want to clutter this shit with embeds that only 2 people will listen to.

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    So I've spent the last hour or so in practice mode with Durga, tinkering and fucking around with my main juggle from tonight. Without getting into the boring ass specifics of each individual move and string and how they're moved around, I'll just put it like this:

    I've come up with about 4 different variations of this juggle. The longest one, requiring the most precision with the most moving parts, is the weakest. The shortest one, with the easiest timing restrictions, the easiest spacing restrictions, and with the fewest amount of varying moves, will 100% anyone at Level 1 with the Destroyer ability equipped (it does about 90-95% without it).

    Some food for thought when trying to form your own juggles.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
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    Be sure to put the dummy on Tactical Roll when trying to come up with combos.

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    This game makes me wish I had a DVR to record all this nonsense.

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    I still haven't looked at the co-op mode. It's almost redundant to have one. Somehow the gameplay seems cooperative even when everyone's fighting each other. I have yet to see anyone, anywhere, complain about losing. The majority opinion seems to be "even when I was getting beat it was awesome".

    Winning is still pretty great though, obviously. Heh. Also, I'm pretty sure Rev's air combos should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Shit was ruthless last night. Imma need to develop counter-strategies for those.

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    Konnery's Avatar
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    My only "complaint" is getting locked into a cluster fuck, but even then it's a minor frustration more than anything. 2+ people coming at you fast enough that your only means of escape are spamming 360s every second can get aggravating but it's much more satisfying when you deal with em.

    Also, have yet to find a use for the charge up heavy attacks skill. Have yet to find a situation/character than can take advantage during combos to even make it worth it.

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    Arttemis's Avatar
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    The only time I use the charge attacks are when I knock someone down and they go flying back. If they don't roll out of it, I some times get it primed, but I swear a running kick attack has higher priority in some instances.

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    There's definitely a crowd control/pack hunting dynamic to this game. My preference thus far is to circle around the periphery of the cluster fuck while picking off the weak and wounded. I especially like rolling up behind people with back throws because then it's basically a stealth attack. Seems less than honorable but then again there's no honor in getting ganged up on either.

    As far as the abilities I haven't studied them well enough to know the effects of each. Been using Destroyer because it's one of the only ones I have so far, plus it sounds like it would do something effective. Looked it up just now and yeah, all regular combo damage +20% looks pretty good to me.

    Aaand I like charge attacks when the other guy is at a medium distance, just outside regular striking range. You can really catch people off guard with that if you don't use it too often. Sasha can go almost completely across the screen with hers, not sure about the others though.

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    I'm a big fan of sitting behind a couple of people going at it and priming Durga's leg cannon. Wait till one hits red and KAPOW.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Sasha's back throw is my favorite move so far, where she brings that giant snowflake guillotine down on the back of their neck. It's brutal and beautiful at the same time. That's some proper Viking shit right there.

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    Trying to get better with Max. I really like his moveset just haven't found any good combos to do. I can juggle better with Leon

    Also, if you think of Douglas like a wrestler he's much easier to combo with. Can't seem to combo him long but his double forward can act as a body drop while someone is downed

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Didn't know we had double forwards. I'm happy because I just realized we have pause combos.

    XXX - Leo does three onuches
    XX...X - Leo does two punches, then slides back and charges forward with a sliding low kick

    Seems weird that I can't find any basic combat guides, but then again it's more fun to figure this stuff out on the forums.

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    If you go into the practice trainer it has a little scrolling "basic moves" list for each character. Pretty much all the same moves for the character weight classes but you can see what does what.

    Also, this dude has videos for each character. PS3 buttons but it's transcribable.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    ...well damn. My first instinct was google, didn't think to look in the game itself. Le Derp you guys.

    On another note regarding apparent brain misfires, this story is the most Segatastic Japscattery I've seen in ages. I just did the match where Leo fights Nikolai, finished it, then went to the next mission of Free. I was kinda apprehensive when I saw the description mention allies, because it would have been cheesy as hell if Nik showed up again after what had just taken place. But oh no, our Most Glorious Developer of Game had a different narrative in mind.

    Friggin' Max shows up again only this time he's shaved his beard and changed into a much nicer, cleaner outfit. We beat down da guys and right before I strike the finishing blow on Killer Croc's cracked out uncle, Max pulls a Space Jesus and teleports away in little blips of light. We returned to the asskicking in progress as Leo sunk the Iron Fist into Uncle Croc's head, and victory blood stained its way across the screen.

    It was good. So good.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,905 posts since Mar 2009

    That was the memory of the Max before he fell into crazytown.

    It was mad gay.

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    Arttemis's Avatar
    2,090 posts since Jan 2008

    If the situation called for me to count enemy assault rifle bullets, I would.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,905 posts since Mar 2009

    Everyone in this game has an element. 6 Fire, 6 Lightning, 3 Ice, and 3 poison. Notice the little icons for their killer weapons? That identifies their element.

    Fire: Jack, Big Bull, Baron, Douglas, Rin Rin, and Durga
    Lightning: Leo, Nikolai, Max, Gargoyle, Mathilda, and Ai Rin
    Ice: Sasha, Fei Rin, and Garuda
    Poison: Zero, Oinkie, and Bayonetta

    When one reaches level 3 in any mode with levels, killer weapon attacks will cause status effects.

    In Deathball: When someone does superstar shot, someone with the same element as the person can catch the ball. But if you're in rampage mode then you can catch the ball regardless of element.
    Last edited by Hector Garfria; 01-13-2013 at 12:37 PM.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,905 posts since Mar 2009

    Might as well post my personal Tier List.

    God: Bayo, Zero, Ai Rin
    High: Fei Rin, Durga, Max, Baron, Oinkie, and Sasha
    Mid: Gargoyle, Douglas, Garuda, Rin Rin, Nikolai, and Leo
    Low: Mathilda, Bull and Jack

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    Can't argue with that too much. I felt useless playing Big Bull. Not sure about Zero or Ai though, haven't played em enough to see how good they are.

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    Arttemis's Avatar
    2,090 posts since Jan 2008

    Considering the $10k price tag for patches on just XBL and however much for PSN, I don't think we'll see a patch.

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