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Thread: Tokyo Jungle - Get ready for the panda secks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyosuke_Nanbu View Post
    Bought it on sale, 2 days, deleted it off my HD about a minute ago, fuck this game.

    Its complete bullshit, arbitrary difficulty, you'll have a good little run going and then the game just fucks you, it poisons entire areas, you're starving and anything you kill becomes toxic the second it hits the floor, nothing but the worst females to breed so you get one pack member and very little in the way of stats carried over, even if you happen to make it very far you're still super fucked when the cavemen as they OHKO and you can't even eat them if you bring them down.

    I don't care if I die because I'm a moron or played like crap, but anything beyond my control like that toxicity crap or emptying massive areas of anything edible and forcing me to got through it is just nonsense.

    Its 2013 and I'm mad at a videogame, way to go me. Avoid this piece of crap.
    You shut your lips. This game was a lot of fun. It definitely could help new players more though. I doubt you want to try it again, but if you do, check some wiki's or youtube vids. They'll teach ya how to avoid some of stuff and deal with the rest.

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    Double Dragon+Pomeranians=this game! Lots of fun, but not very deep. Also, I just stumbled on an alligator in the sewer and lost most of my pack :-(

    I dig it. I'll play it a bit more. I love that the developers chose to fade to black when two animals mate. You can kill animals and feast on them until they're nothing but bones...but no humping!

    ...he says to an empty room, having come to the game a year and a half late.

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