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Thread: Eurogamer Expo 2012: 27th-30th September, London

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    Eurogamer Expo 2012: 27th-30th September, London

    You know the drill by now. Website. Tickets. Location. Dtoid EU emailer.

    Things to note:

    • Saturday day tickets are already running low. Make a move if you want to attend that day!
    • Pipe up soon if you need accommodation: We're planning on a group hostel booking ASAP.
    • You should come!

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    This looks like something I should go to. probably better for hanging out with you guys than gamescom would be.

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    Oh, for sure. The UK crowd make a real effort to get to this one. Despite the queues being much more reasonable than at gamescom, we don't play games. But there are panels. Bitches love panels.

    Last year was four solid days of hanging out, eating, drinking and fighting games at Adam's house. I don't remember anything about the con, only that it was the best four days of my year surrounded by people I considered my best friends.

    All in all, pretty rad. It's our PAX.

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    I got sooooooooooooooo laid last year.

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    aurain...are you drunk? or just magical?

    I'll make an effort to make it here in the next few years. only if we can all stay in one bed.

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    dude... I'm going to take so many pictures of you whenever I see you and capture your magical powers of awesomeness, not all of them. you'll still have some, and then we will magic all over the world. It'll be awesome. The ladies wont be able to handle the sexy amounts of magic that we'll be spraying on their faces.

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    don't worry, it'll just be pictures of your nether regions.

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    Is there a good day to come to Eurogamer when most people will be about? When does the photo usually get taken?

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    In 2010 the picture was taken on the Sunday. In 2011 it was on the Saturday. For 2012, it will be whenever your lame-ass Community Manager can get the rabble in one place. Most people will be attending on Saturday as things stand, so perhaps before we all go off to whatever evening shenanigans we'll have planned.

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    I think I'll probably be there Saturday then, sounds like the best day.

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    Thanks, bb; was just about to post this here.

    Please get on this ASAP. When they get 100% donations, the tickets are all gone. It was a great night last year and it's for a good cause. We'd also struggle to accommodate our numbers in Central London on a Saturday night, so get on it.

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    If you're there on the saturday then you want in on this.

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    If you don't suck.

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    ...and the tickets are sold out! For the afterparty that is.

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    You're going, yeah?

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    I spent all the monies for the train tickets and me going on Saturday is still a thing that may well not happen. If I do go on Saturday I'll use that time to chill out with the people I know from college who I know are going while you guys are at the party. Gotta make sure they don't waste their time in London .

    I'm sure you or someone else would have paid for me if I said that I couldn't go but you guys have helped me enough.

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    That's cool, quite a few people would be leaving on the Saturday though.

    We may well have a few tickets spare just in case anyway.

    So keep us updated with your plans

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    I shall try and get there, but as it's a possibility I'm getting my own place beginning of October, money could be too tight.

    Alternatively i could be there in the day but have to leave for the Midlands on the night, unless anyone knows any comfortable bushes I could kip in.

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