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Thread: Wii U & 3DS

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    Wii U & 3DS

    Will it sucked?


    EDIT(2014): I now own one of these beautiful machines and have quit my job as a fortune teller.
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    Looks pretty cool idk.

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    Nintendo is gonna nintendo again. I think it'll suck.

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    I hope Sega is making it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post
    I hope Sega is making it.
    What's a Sega? I don't know that shit, must be ancient.

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    Kids today are going retarded for all that dubstep and semen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post
    Kids today are going retarded for all that dubstep and semen.
    You mean that's not good for you? Fuck.

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    I think it's alright in moderate doses.

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    Google Images tells me it's 16kg.

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    Then I'm good, I don't take that much dubstep.

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    I just want them to re-release Pac-Man VS. That's one of the greatest party games ever, and would be easy to do with the Wii-U setup. Think there's some interesting things that could be done with the screen in the controller, but I have a bad feeling most developers will be doing "access your inventory/map" stuff. Heard Ubisoft's Rayman game for it was pretty intriguing though.

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    I still can't believe they managed to come up with a sillier name than Wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polite Gentleman View Post
    I still can't believe they managed to come up with a sillier name than Wii.

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    Nintendo is actually bringing their Wii U Experience tour to Austin this Saturday, and I'm signed up to go to it. I'll give my impressions of it after that. But what I really want from the system is for them to drop the exclusivity of Rayman Legends.

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    So long as you can use the "pro" controller for every game, I'll be happy. I've yet to see even one thing that actually looks more fun using the GamePad.

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    I was never a Nintendo guy. I was a Sega kid, GameGear, Genesis/32X/CD, DreamCast, the whole nine. I owned a GameCube, but the only game I owned was RE4. Never played a Zelda or Metroid game.

    With that said, I want the system to succeed so I can finally get into Nintendo.

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    I was always a Nintendo guy. N64 was their last best with the Gamecube being a close contender. Everything Wii has just sucked horribly mainly due to their forcing us to play with shitty motion controls.

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    Fuck the N64 controller.

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