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Thread: Saturday Afternoon Delight: August 11th

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    Saturday Afternoon Delight: August 11th

    SAND is like Friday Night Fights, with a couple of pointed differences:

    1) Things are not restricted to "the evening."
    2) We actively encourage older games/games not in the FNF rotation. (We encourage, but really, what's fun is fun.)
    3) It's on Saturday!

    It's an extension I felt was needed. FNF is great fun, but the rest of the weekend is probably better for getting together for some online gaming.

    Remember, new peoples, anybody is free to host whatever they please. Just give us the game name, time (in EST, preferably) and GT/PSNID/Friend code.

    *puts umbrella in drink*


    Game: Red Dead Redemption
    Host: smurfee mcgee PSNID: smurfee_mcgee
    Time: 12 AM EST (midnight)
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