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Thread: Just got a Galaxy S III....

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    Read that Jellybean should be out this week for the S3.

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    That's 4.1 right? If so it came out(on T-mobile)a few weeks ago. I don't see a huge difference, but I'm a casual user at best.

    On another note,anyone use swiftkey? Mine recently stopped showing predictions and correcting spelling whenever I'm using the browser. It still does it for everything else though. Any suggestions?

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    Ah, I double checked and it was for verizon. 4.1.2 has some very nice stuff like the quick access to settings, Google Now, Photosphere (and much better camera controls), and built in swype-like input for the keyboard. Not sure when that's hitting for the S3 though.

    Can't help you on swiftkey, but a quick google search suggests it doesn't work in all apps. Is it fucking up across the board for you?

    Derp, learn to read Mxy.

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    Nah, it only does that on the browser, and only recently. Before Jellybean it worked fine on it.

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    Might just need an update to the app, that should probably be rolled out before too long.

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    I used swiftkeg when I was running stock ICS but I flashed paranoid android ROM and the stock keyboard in it is nice. I also never had problems, have you tried a reinstall?

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    eternity warriors 2 ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Eh, I've dropped plenty of phones carrying the kid and just being clumsy in general. Glad I got the otterbox for this bad boy. Thanks for the help guys.
    Whoa whoa whoa, they make an otterbox for the S3? Fuck, yes.

    EDIT: Read the rest of the info about that, think I'll stick with the case I have.

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    I got a badass camouflage Otterbox Defender and it works great. The problem I had with my other one is I was dumb enough to keep taking it out of the case, making the rubber lose it's shape and the case was then able to get dirt inside it. If you only take it out when you have to it should work perfectly.

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    One thing I would suggest is using a custom launcher, if you haven't rooted it or are wary of doing so. I use Apex Launcher on my HTC One X and it works great and looks so much better. That is if you download themes for it that come with nice icons. A lot more features than the default as well. I personally wouldn't risk rooting it purely because it voids the warranty which is why custom launchers are always good to dabble with, and if you don't like it or want to try another you can just uninstall. When I accidentally close mine down and it reverts back to default I still can't believe how ugly it looked the whole time I used the default haha.

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    Get Camera 360. Get Samurai vs Zombie. I challenge you that you can't pass WAVE 51.


    A good case I would suggest is of course. OTTERBOX.

    Have fun with yo SIII. I unfortunately got a iOS. But i'm getting used to it. I used to have a Samsung Infuse. The thin brick phone.

    It took awesome macro-shots.

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    Nexus 5 user here. Any new apps I should look at that haven't been mentioned? It's crazy making such a jump in quality when replacing a phone. The experience with this phone is completely different.

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    Super Monsters Ate My Condo should do nicely.

    Problem is, Nexus 5 battery sucks, especially running KitKat (4.4) like it does. Shit is just tuned for max performance like that.

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