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Thread: Internet Chinwagging: How u do?

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    dtoiddisco Internet Chinwagging: How u do?

    Do people still use instant messengers these days or does everyone just stick to Facebook/Twitter? I can't remember the last time I used MSN/AIM/YIM. Are they still even popular?

    I only use Skype to chat to my family in England and lurk the Skypetoid chat. My internet social interaction is pretty much done through Facebook, LiveJournal and forums. I never have one-on-one private conversations with people anymore. I don't really know why to be honest, but as no one shows much interest in chatting to me outside of these places (~looooser~) I just don't bother with the IM clients anymore.

    So what do you guys use?

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    I still use Yahoo IM, just to talk to ONE person I played WoW with for years. Aside from that it's just skype, which I'm not on enough. I'll use facebook though, when I'm on it.

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    I've been using the Facebook chat/im/whatever it is with Dig and it works alright, I guess. I'm kind of old-school though, and would rather just use phones.

    Also Queenie, you have the best accent ever.

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    Most of my chatting with people takes place in person. However when not in person I use Facebook. I don't even use phones, I don't like texting often or calling people. Dunno why, I only use phones to meet up or arrange/settle things.

    I did use Facetime twice though. Once was during a lecture at school and I flashed my laptop's camera towards the professor to "quietly" say I can't talk. (That was to my dad and brother too.)

    I sat in the front row.

    (Used to use AIM and XFire)

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    Skype for the Skypetoid chat, Facebook though I don't do much messaging myself.

    Text messages for me mostly.

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    I used to use MSN a lot, and AIM a little bit, but then everybody I knew pretty much just stopped coming on so I did too. Now I occasionally use facebook to chat, twitter, forums. Don't really do much one-on-one stuff these days.

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    I always prefer texting. Or emails. Back in the day it was primarily MSN. But these days it's either Skype or Facebook.

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    Certain things used for certain people. I only use steam/twitter for the toid folk and handful of people now abroad.

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    You talk to the steamtoid people?

    Well, I hope you atleast don't feed them.

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    Well the last week anyway

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    What is a google hangout anyway?

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    A type of yogurt

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    The only good thing about Google plus. They're trying hard to ruin them though.

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    Google are trying hard to ruin hangout?

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    That hold tea.

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