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    Alright, I'll be able to know whether I'm 100% or not tomorrow morning.


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    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boy

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    How come we have never actually drank wine together? Can we please change that this year?

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    There wasn't a winefest last year because Moo wasn't around. I didn't feel it was appropriate to have Winefest without him.

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    Puking off wine drinking is the worst.

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    One week, fuckers. ONE WEEK.

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    girl, you know it's a party if I make a spreadsheet

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    Asians and their documents & math. I have 4 more days of work in Ohio, 2 more before Magfest.

    Ima get you get you drunk get you drunk in your lady hump.

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    God, you know how hot I get when you talk about my lady humps.

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    I have experimented with another type of baked good. I think I have succeeded.

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    That spicy cheese cake burned my butt.

    Also my little brother is now coming. We're going to get fucked up and family bond before I move to ATL which happens pretty much after I get back from Magfest.

    He's not as big of a nerd as me but he has a Zelda Hylian Emblem tattoo and loves him some Mass Effect *Surprise surprise*

    Also I vote changston supreme leader of all activities Magfest this year. Home gurl's been taking charge in those emails, I'll probably also be classy thursday night.

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    Just looking at some of these from last year and laughed out loud at Josh's photoshop handy work:

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    Is your brother as cute as shit as you are?

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    He's a good looking chap, bit of a stoner / punk rocker. *blushes* I didn't know I was cute as shit.

    So are we getting classy thursday night? I can't keep up with gmails.

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    Karaoke on Thursday night, suits welcome but not encouraged. I'll be driving in that afternoon and a lot of other people are getting in that day. I'm going to have my suiterday on Friday and probably just walk around the con being classy and stuff. Some people might be doing it on Saturday.

    Quote Originally Posted by N7 View Post
    *blushes* I didn't know I was cute as shit.
    says the mofucka who pulls off the Nathan Drake half tuck like his shit don't stank.

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    Half tucking is a way of life, there's no going back.

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