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    Quote Originally Posted by Changston View Post
    oh my god, I just realized that Moe and Jake are going to bee in the same place. That shit is just soooooooooo hot
    We'll be the ones flexing our muscles. Now if only Table would would be a Trifecta of Awesome.

    Naw,for serious guys. I've been having some health issues lately and I'm on some medication and I probably will be for a while. I gotta take care of myself. I've had maybe 2 glasses of wine in the past month and I've drastically reduced my caffeine intake. Be gentle with me. <3

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    If worse comes to worse might adopt this lifestyle to make it there:

    Train hopping seems like a legit adventure.

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    Which is?

    Also, does anyone know of anyone from Louisiana/TX that is going? Do Coon or Blehman usually roll to this thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Which is?
    If worse comes to worse, get your ass there regardless.


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    Quote Originally Posted by usedtabe View Post
    Train hopping seems like a legit adventure.
    People get cut in half doing shit like that. Seriously dude, trains are...well they're fucking trains, basically. You get caught by the door on one of those things and yeah, you're done.

    I don't think you'd be quick enough. Just sayin'.

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    If he doesn't make it we're going to need a paper cut out of his pose and glue it to a small bed side like table for the weekend lol.

    But seriously yo Halo 4 and shit. Get there.

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    I saw the part in Atlas Shrugged Part 2 where a bunch of rich people on a train get blown up by running into another train full of petroleum.

    My two cents on traveling by train.

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    I guess you missed the part where I work at an art house theater that plays obnoxious bollywood movies.

    And Atlas Shrugged Part 2.

    For some god forsaken reason.

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    Yet The Room cost 6 mill. We should have a "The Room" theater party. With plastic spoons.

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    *goes to change his boxers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    It was probably made for less money than the average Bollywood film.
    No doubt, though it likes to think it's better and more important than a bollywood movie.

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    Tickets have been purchased. I hope to see everyone from last year again, as it should prove to be fun.

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    WHo's gonna be up there Thursday night? Should we pre plan a place? I could then call ahead and say i'm Dtoid Community Manager Andy Dixon we're gonna have 20 to 30 doodz at this place would you guys do a drink special for us etc.

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    90% sure I'm dropping out of Magfest.

    Money tight, money tight:/

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    Really? I'm still trying to work some travel magic. Luckily I didn't have to spend anything on the hunting trip so I might have some options.

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    Like I said, there's still that chance. I haven't cancelled my days off yet, but I'm just trying to be all responsible and whatnot.

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    How about I just come to your place and we part it up like the Whites of Virginia? In Minnesota.

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    I was really hoping to make it to this, but there's about no chance I'll be able to now. =( MAGfest 2014, perhaps.

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    Debbie downers, now i'm going to have to get black out drunk in honor of ZP if he doesn't make it.

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    I check in to see whats going on in forumsland, and come back to this?

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