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Thread: Planetside 2

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    You're a series.

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,557 posts since Feb 2008

    I am. Seriesly

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    I second that it's an awesome game, havn't played in about a month but any idea if i can just update my beta client instead of re-downloading the whole game?

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
    1,557 posts since Feb 2008

    They said it wasn't a possibility, but I didn't try.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    meh, i'll just download it through steam then. Their servers are crazy fast.

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    This is definitely on the top 3 for free PC games I've ever played.

    If anyone has any interest in joining, me and a few friends have an Outfit in the Watherson(or Waterson, don't really remember) server. New Conglomerate, Space Cowboys is the name of the Outfit.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    When i get round to redownloading it i'll hit you up and play with you guys, you do definately need an outfit to take advantage of the game properly and have as much fun as possible.

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    Arttemis's Avatar
    2,090 posts since Jan 2008

    Yeah I'll look into joining too. Haven't played but a bit of the beta, so I'd love to see the full thing.
    Last edited by Arttemis; 11-30-2012 at 09:27 AM.

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    You're welcome to join, as long as you're not a filthy Power Ranger Zealot, or a Fascist Commie. 'Cause dem cowboys from space are dabes. Even when you are mocking yourself shouting "FUCK YEAH 'MURICA".

    Seriously though, we're in love with it. We play all the time, and the more people we get, the more fun it is. You guys will be more than welcome. Especially if you can fly decently, we all suck as pilots.

    Oh well, at least I'm expedient at Jesusing around with my medic, raising the dead, healing people, and punishing the wicked with my Annointed Shotgun.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    I played medic in beta, loved that shit. I also suck ass at flying, shits hard yo.

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    Flying definitely requires practice but what sucks is you need to spend resources to get a new one when al you want to do is get better at flying.

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    I've just tried to create my character and the name noobspoon is taken. This has never happened to me before in any game, i even had the name in beta. I'm too disappointed to even play it right now.

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    Maybe they fucked up and kept your name in the server but won't let you log in or make another account in that name?

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    noobspoon's Avatar
    862 posts since Oct 2012

    I can log in, my noobspoon was wiped ages ago. I had a different character during beta since then. Someone else has took the name this time around

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    Arttemis's Avatar
    2,090 posts since Jan 2008

    NoopSboon, NoobSpork, NoobNife.

    I dunno. I was upset when my name Robin was taken after changing to a new server to play with friends on DAoC. No more Robin Hood scout =(
    Last edited by Arttemis; 12-10-2012 at 10:04 AM.

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    I saw a noobspoon I believe. (Or was it spoonerism?)

    Well, I believe I might'a seen someone like that. I remember talking about YT videos with him.

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