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Thread: Planetside 2

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    Planetside 2

    Kind of surprised there's not a thread on this already, especially since it's free to play.

    So, the closed beta is starting soontm for Planetside 2, and I'm pretty excited. For those who never played or heard of the first one, think something like Battlefield 3, but with three factions, more vehicles, more bases, and on a persistent map large enough to hold 2,000 players. The three factions are the Terran Republic, an authoritarian regime who want to unite humanity and return home, specializing in low damage, high rate of fire weapons and the fastest vehicles. The New Conglomorate, a loose affiliation of rebels and freedom fighters who'd like to abandon the old world and make a home on this new planet, specializing in having the toughest armor and the strongest weapons. And the Vanu Sovereignty, a tech worshipping theocracy that wants to use alien technology to elevate humanity to the next stage in evolution, specializing in the most maneuverable vehicles and plasma weaponry.

    Parts 1-3 of TotalBiscuit's livestream of the gameplay from the floor. A lot of things in the videos are going to be changed since this was a special E3 build and let MAX suits pilot vehicles and such. Days 2 and 3 are a much better representation of the teamwork you can expect to see with Galaxy dropships dropping troops onto the objectives. And the walls racked up fewer kill streaks.

    So yea, I'm super excited for this one, it's looking great. I only played a little bit of Planetside 1 since I joined far past the prime (2009-ish) but what I did play was pretty fun. Looking forwards to getting back into a splatter MAX.

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    Only 5 people on this website can run anything more advanced than tf2 so that's why they aren't interested in one of the coolest playable games at e3.

    I kid. Maybe. Game looks dope.

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    Holy mother of god, this looks amazing. Between this and Tribes Ascend, (and maybe Diablo 3 if Blizzard can make Inferno and the loot system fun), I'll be set for a decade or longer.

    Signed up for the beta, hopefully I'll see some people here in game soon!

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    This is the most important game coming out this year if it lives up to Planetside 1 in any way. That is in no way an exaggeration. Running with a squad in this game and putting together full vehicle columns or aerial dropship raid groups is the most epic shit ever.

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    Yeah this does look awesome. Anyone know when the beta keys might be going out?

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    Soon. PS1 players and PC Gamer key people are most likely getting in first.

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    Any other Dtoiders playing this? I just had my first go before but the servers were pretty barren because I was playing it at a stupid time.

    It would be awesome if we could make our own Dtoid Outfit.

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    I never have time to play this when I want. But if anyone has a capable computer wants a beta key I've got one.

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    Ooh ooh! Pick me, pick me!

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    Wish I had a kickass rig to play this.

    Planned on building one. Sold my 360 and bought a nice case. Even bought a bunch of games off the Steam summer sale. Now months later I still just have an empty case sitting in my closet and not enough money in the bank to put anything in it.

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    Its possible to put a PC together quite cheap that will play modern games on medium/high settings these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    Its possible to put a PC together quite cheap that will play modern games on medium/high settings these days.
    Mmm, that's debatable, even with component costs as low as they are you're still going to end up around $400-500 with anything that's going to play games at moderate settings. Problem is, a rig in that price range isn't going to have much future proofing. I feel like it's a much better investment to save enough to build a $700-900 machine that will be sure to last you 3-5 years if you want. The big advantage of PC's is buying games themselves cost so much less, with all the discounts and bundles and sales you can take advantage of. So the longer you can have a single PC, the more you're saving.

    Tech has really plateaued in the last five years or so, where stuff is only seeing incremental increases every year now. The top of the line from a few years back is still mid to upper range gear now. I put probably $800-900 into a new rig over this year, but I know it'll be worth it, since it's still going to be on par or better than anything the next console generation puts out and I'll be set for a while. It replaced a 4 year old top of the line machine that would actually still have been relatively good to go with $300 in upgrades, but upgrading old stuff is always tricky and I couldn't get it to play nice with newer hardware.
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    This game doesn't require an awesome build. It's still in beta but the only thing that seems to help more than anything right now is to have over four gigs of RAM. That's only because the UI is taking up a lot more memory than it needs to right now. My system was pretty damn budget orientated... 3 years ago. No idea what you'd call it now. I can still play this just fine though. Just fine. Until it crashes, which is happening less as shit is fixed.

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    I can't even afford a budget build, that's how broke I am

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    It's practically open beta now with the game scheduled for release in a couple weeks, but if you were curious, you can still check it out now anyways:


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    This is out today. Free, downloadable through steam or

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    And is it any good?

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    TheRemedy's Avatar
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    Yes. It still has issues they need to work on, but there is no other shooter that provides the scale this game provides. I definitely recommend giving it a shot at the price of free.

    Edit: I just noticed that SOE put out a series of fantastic videos that showcase the game. It's a rather long tutorial series, but it will give you an idea of what the game is about and hopefully to give you an idea on how to succeed early on.

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    So you link the most boring one? :P

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    It's a series...

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