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Thread: Some question about getting into FNF

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    Some question about getting into FNF

    Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this, but I wasn't sure because it isn't a technical question. I'm just wondering what the process is? It sounds like you just add the host and jump in and play, kind of like Game with Fame on XBL, but is that it? Is it difficult to find games if you start late? I guess the simplest way to state what I'm asking is to ask if there's like any kind of qeue or line, or if it's hard to get in when a bunch of regulars are playing? If I were to play this Friday, would it be as simple as just adding the host and jumping on at the designated time or would I want to wait in a party until then just as kind of a roll call?

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    It's nothing formal really, just add the host and when you're all online you play the game. No queue or line. Watch out for the threads going up from the organisers later in the week and get talking to the hosts!

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    Not sure what the question is exactly. If you're looking to host a game that isn't being hosted, pop into the FNF thread for that week (and for your console of choice) and let everyone know you're interested in organizing a team for that game. Remember to give your online handle so other players can contact you and the time you intend to kick off.

    When the day and time comes, invite anybody who is interested into a group and launch the game however you would normally do that.

    If the game's already set to be hosted by someone else, drop them a message when the time comes so that they can send you an invite. Whoever's down to be the host in the cblog is whoever hosts the group and sends out the invites, for convenience's sake.

    Does that answer your question?

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    Yes that answers my questions. I'm familiar with the idea of community play dates on the PC, I'm just not quite sure how the process translates to the console where there aren't quite as many controls on who plays and when.

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    Looks like Byron and Tarvu have you squared away, but if you have any further questions you can always try this: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Mr+...--225316.phtml

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    Looking forward to playing with, if you're on the 360.

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