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Thread: Dead Space 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Defenestrator View Post
    Okay. Give me a sec here, I'm trying to parse your thoughts correctly. Are you saying their donations are irrelevant or wrong because it wasn't done purely out of selflessness?
    Didn't once suggest that (money's money, after all), but then you spin an entire argument out of it. Well, good luck with that.

    Quote Originally Posted by King Süshi View Post
    She needs more eyes and bigger boobs. EA is on to something there.

    - - - Updated - - -

    She needs more eyes and bigger boobs. EA is on to something there.
    Broke my heart when they gave her the eye back. But hey ho, EA needs beautiful people!

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    Considering she didn't make a bigger stink out of the missing eye in DS2 other than, "You owe me an eye!" I assumed she was expecting to replace it.

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    Yeah, well the ship in the original game did have a replacement body parts room, so I imagine it makes sense in terms of the story. Still, one-eyed Ellie would have been cool.

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    Not gonna read these last few pages because I see people talking about the ending and eff that noise.

    Anyway, just dropped by to say that I treated myself to a sneak peek of an upcoming review of a certain game, and that I'm happy again, Used.
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    The last time I trusted review scores, I bought Halo 4. I've lost all faith in video game reviews since then.

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    The thing I may or may not have read had no score yet. Based solely on the text, I am satisfied.

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    Always looking for a reason to smuggle that Visceral dick Randy. Reviews be damned, game is ass. <3

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    Honestly, as soon as Jim started repping the DS3 demo, I filed his review under "Do Not Pay Attention To." I'm not trying to be mean, but that demo sucked ass just on a technical level. "It's a demo, it's a demo," I know. It was still pretty damn bad, lol. Plus, Jim has a bad habit of not paying attention to the finer details of shit (like not noticing how mind-numbingly dumb the human AI is in the DS3 demo). I've seen some of his reviews gloss over major technical flaws in a game, like the rampant screen-tearing in Dishonored. That's why him ball-hogging all of the Dtoid reviews sucks, because he's not exactly useful in giving a complete picture of a game a lot of the time. He touches on the basics (Does the game turn on? Is it functional? Is the story retarded?), but not much else.

    I'll wait for the rental to arrive and make my own judgements.

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    Jim is an entertaining personality but his opinions on games are usually the polar opposite of what's actually good. The only thing I've ever liked that he liked was Deadly Premonition.* The converse is also true in that when I see Jim hate on a game, I start thinking I'd enjoy it. And gotta be honest, it's hard for me not to say he lowballs popular games to bring attention to the community, when his 4.5 of AC2 is what got me to notice Dtoid in the first place. I consider that a positive of course. The man definitely appreciates and understands chaos. When he causes a shitstorm good can actually come from it.

    And as far as Dead Space 3, still DGAF because the first one was boring.
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    I think Jim has gotten better about what you're talking about, those AC2/FF13 days, but that's just my take on the matter. I think he's become a better reviewer since then, but I have been burned by quite a few Dtoid reviews lately that did not paint me an accurate picture of what I was buying, his included.

    I only trust Tom Chick now after his 1/5 Halo 4 review. That dude hit the nail on everything that was wrong about the game while the rest of the internet was on that Master Chief flavored koolaid. He could have saved me $60 had I listened to him then.

    Classic Game Room is pretty good too, though I take everything Mark says with a grain of salt only because I rarely see him not like a game.

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    I agree with Jim on Dynasty Warriors being great and Ass Creed sucking donkey dick, but everything else is a wash. It doesn't help that everyone I've talked to that has played with him says he is really bad at games.

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    I try to avoid reviews from reviewers who are on record about being avowed fans of the series they're reviewing. They tend to be overly forgiving or defensive or credulous to things that are pretty objectively mediocre. I mean, Jim gave an 8/10 to fucking Silent Hill: Downpour and that game was aaaaaaaass. It did absolutely nothing well, it just had the Silent Hill name stamped on the cover.

    I'm sure a lot of the reviews are going to open with a paragraph about how fans are leery of change and We Should All Calm Down even though the arguments about the game are perfectly valid. That'll be worth a good laugh.

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    You're right, Downpour really wasn't that great at all. There's a game that deserved a 4.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Andy Dixon View Post
    Not gonna read these last few pages because I see people talking about the ending and eff that noise.

    Anyway, just dropped by to say that I treated myself to a sneak peek of an upcoming review of a certain game, and that I'm happy again, Used.
    Do you know when the review goes up Andy?

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    Nigga u dumb. Downpour was good. INB4 WEABOO ONLY JAPAN CAN DO SILENT HILL.

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    That game was not good son. You don't even believe that shit. I refuse to believe that you believe what you just said. I mean, yeah, you went to Mecca, you saw the Chicken Jesus, you got born again, I get it. It was still a subpar game, lol.

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    0/10 not tonight Rev.

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    I'm dead serious right now, lol. That game was not good! Chuck that shit out the window and get you some PC or PS2 copies of Silent Hill 2 or 3. And chuck that HD collection while you're at it!

    Dude's a Silent Hill fan, but all he's eaten is McDonalds-quality survival horror. You could be living better, usedtabe. If only you knew.

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    Your weaboo autism has blinded you. Game was legit. <3

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    The game was just boring. I had no interest in what was going on, even when I tried to force it. And don't get me started on the fetch-quests that served no purpose other than to fluff the playtime.

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