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Thread: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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    21 game win streak. Get at me.

    Sent from my doo-doo on da toilet
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    Big muscley ass, all stretchin' out my backpack 'n shit...

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    I'm Willow and you're Mad Martigan.

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    Or, Milo & Otis.

    If Milo & Otis was remade as cross-species animal porn.

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    El Pres can't kill confirm like I do.

    Sent from my doo-doo on da toilet
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    It's too bad you're too cool, unique & edgy to play hcs&d with us, bloo. "Hey gais, let's play this shitty version of CS, it's got the internet neckbeard seal of approval. Screw this other game that's the same thing but way better, if I play it, the internet shut-ins won't respect me and I won't be able to pull in all this mad poonani anymore. I almost saw a boob once."


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    a few days ago i was stalked by "DropDead Roberto" , am I overly egocentric (since my psn-id isn't RobertoPlankton) or is somebody out there to get me?

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
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    Would have been funnier if you didn't need to log in to watch the video.

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    Most people are logged into their Gmail account that is also tied to your YT account.

    I will not sacrifice jokes for the sake of the unprepared.

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    I watched the whole video and some of those farts sound like the Skorpion unloading a full magazine.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
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    Whatever it is it's probably not as good as "Cake Fart."

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    Blasto's Avatar
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    I've played 3 of the new maps so far. Quick impressions: Downhill is awesome and will be a great s&d map. The desert map I think will also be good for s&d, but bring an assault rifle. The skate park actually isn't too bad, but has TONS of corners and shit, so it could get annoying with campers. But, holy poop, the Peacemaker is godly in hardcore and will be huge in s&d. It's like an M27-power assault rifle with built-in adjustable stock and quickdraw, and without the assault rifle movement speed penalty. Slap a laser sight on it and rape away at any range.

    Unfortunately, there's no hardcore Revolution playlist, but the maps came up a lot in the regular hardcore playlists.

    Used: <3

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    I was wondering if we would get to play them in hardcore right away. Don't wanna play core shit just to play them.

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    These videos show that delays that look like lag might be built into the actual game. lol Treyarch trolling.


    Offline splitscreen

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    The lag-comp analysis was well-done, but holy FUCK that dumbass will never see a vagina. That shit about Prestige was unbelievably retarded. This is actually the first CoD I prestiged in, for exactly the reasons that retarded ballsack was complaining about. God I hate that person. I bet he's friends with that "BRO BRO BRO" faaa... guy from last night. I hate them. I want them dead.

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    Yeah his critical review was ass. There's a benefit to prestige now OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE - said all the tryhard nerds.

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    I bet he makes porn noises during the loading screen.

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    Definitely sounds like one of those. I wonder if he gets just as mad as the other nerds when you mimic his voice?


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